Page 3 of our Picture Gallery for the weekend of 12th to the 14th August

We managed to get away from website duties to get a bit of colour in our cheeks!

Bud Ballou, Keith Skues, Greg Bance, Dave Rogers and Ian Damon

Top: Radio London supporter Per Alarud from Sweden (left) enjoying a pint with Alan Hardy.

Bottom: A profusion of t-shirts.
Front – Clive Boutell and Pauline Miller.
Back – Peter Herring, Chris Payne, Keith Skues,
Colin Lees, Geoff Bull, Ian Damon, John Baynton,
Bud Ballou and Dave (CK) Miller.

Put those down Skues, you might hurt someone...
I won't tell you again!
A rose between, etc.
Alan Hardy, John S Platt and Ian Damon.
Sorry, wombat stew's off, Ian!
Mmm! Lovely grub!
Big Ray, Janice (Ian's wife), Mary somebody or other...
I am the... Oh, forget it!

Pictures © Chris Payne & Pauline Miller 2000

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