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Dead Good
Perhaps not recommended as the perfect gift, is a CD released by Ace called simply 'Dead! – The Grim Reaper's Greatest Hits'. The 24 tracks veer between sickly sentiment and the darkest of black humour, ending optimistically with 'Let's Think About Living'. The CD includes a favourite of Kenny Everett fans, 'I Want My Baby Back'. This hilariously tasteless ditty won Jimmy Cross the coveted number one slot in Cuddly Ken's World's Worst Wireless Show Top Twenty.

The compilation takes its title 'Dead!' From a track by Carolyn Sullivan and includes other disinterred decompositions of the likes of 'Mother Mother (I Feel Sick)' and 'Psycho'.

At least six of the song's luckless subjects meet the Grim Reaper in road accidents, so this collection, accompanied by ominous comments like, "The forecast did warn of dangerous roads later...", could come in handy for the purpose of ousting guests who have overstayed their welcome.

Alan Clayson went one step beyond and devoted an entire book on the subject, 'Death Discs: An Account of Fatality in the Popular Song'. As one Amazon reviewer put it: "If dead rock stars bought books, this would be the #1 book on the bestseller list."

John Dunsterville with his original sleeve artwork.
See our Radio London two-page Ffolly ffeature.

To read Roger Irving's review of the 1998 CD and see a full track listing, click here.

To purchase the 2005 Rev-Ola CD, click here.

Ffolly Sallies Fforth again!

Since the demise of the 'See For Miles' record label, many people have searched in vain for a CD copy of Rainbow Ffolly's only album, Sallies Fforth. Copies of the 1968 vinyl release on Parlophone, change hands for silly money, but the album was not available on CD till thirty years later. The good news is that the Rev-Ola label has picked up the album and rereleased it. The bad news is that the new CD does not contain my (Mary Payne's) liner notes which I wrote for the 1998 release, at the band's request. To obtain the See For Miles CD containing my original liner notes, it is necessary to place your name on a waiting list and hope that a secondhand copy comes up for sale.

The blurb on the Rev-Ola site about the new release says, "For many years, this has remained one of the most enigmatic and collectable artifacts from the original Golden Age of British pop-psych... beloved by serious collectors, Austin Powers lookalikes and oddly enough, the dance music DJ community alike, the price of this mysterious band's one and only album, already at 200 by the mid-1990's, continues to soar... but why? Who on earth were they?"

This implies that nobody, apart from owners of the valuable piece of vinyl, has been able to hear Sallies Fforth since the album's Parlophone release in 1968, and nobody has ever known anything about the band. Radio London visitors know better. A two-page feature about Rainbow Ffolly, including the article which appeared in Record Collector, with info about the release of the See For Miles CD, has been on the Radio London website since 1999.

Roger Irving wrote a flattering personal review of the album for the Amazon site, headed 'Psychedelia with wit and style' . Roger admits he had never heard of Rainbow Ffolly prior to reading the feature I wrote about the band for Record Collector. The article in question was, in fact, completed in time for inclusion in the edition of the magazine which coincided with the 1998 See For Miles CD release, but sadly it failed to appear until November 1999, approximately 18 months later. By this time, most of the article's anticipated impact on sales of the CD, had been virtually lost.

Clearly the end of the Rainbow isn't in sight...

Are You Experienced?

The Famous Marquee Club, home to the Radio London afternoons, with resident musicians such as David Bowie, has long since left Wardour Street. However, the Marquee name and logo have been transferred to a new venue in Leicester Square. In 2004, the club hosted an exhibition of Jimi Hendrix art and memorabilia.

Hendrix's Are You Experienced album contains 'Stone Free', the B-side of 'Hey Joe'. The song was first published by Radio London-associated music publishing company, Pall Mall Music.

No copy of the 1966 Pall Mall contract was in evidence when I visited, but the exhibition organisers had insufficient room to display all the memorabilia from this huge collection simultaneously. They told me that they regularly change the displays to incorporate different material.

Unsurprisngly, nor was there anything on display relating to the bizarre 1966 Hendrix appearance at the Radio London Boxing Day family afternoon at Billy Walker's Upper Cut Club.

The 17-track 'Are You Experienced' CD (with completely different artwork) is available by clicking on the sleeve photo, left.

Radio London's full page of images from the exhibition is here.

Psychedelia rules!

Episode Six – Love Hate Revenge

Fab 40 afficionados will be pleased to know that a 2-CD, 23-track Episode Six compilation has been released. The band, considered the Big L group, contained future members of Deep Purple, Ian Gillan and Roger Glover. Episode Six recordings were unsuccessful in the Nationals, but the band probably spent as many weeks in the Fab 40 between April 1966 and June 1967, as a number of their big-name contemporaries. They made numerous appearances at Radio London on-shore events, such as the Brands Hatch motor racing.

Graham Carter Dimmock, interviewed by Brian Long in The London Sound, said, "As far as people in the Radio London area were concerned, we were a big chart band. Everything we brought out was always in the chart. People believe what they hear and if they are being told this record's number one or number two, they believe it!"

Although the sleeve photo is from the band's psychedelic phase, their sound evolved through a number of musical styles. Additional demos and out-takes on CD 2 include a version of Burt Bacharach's 'Little Red Book' from the film 'What's new Pussycat' and 'Zip A Dee Doo Dah'. CD 1 contains all the Episode Six Fab 40 hits such as 'Put Yourself In My Place', 'I Hear Trumpets Blow', 'Morning Dew' and the Beatles' 'Here, There and Everywhere'. It also includes both tracks from a single issued in 1967, under the name of Neo Maya. The title track 'Love, Hate, Revenge' was in the Big L chart in February 1967.

Caroline's Keefers releases his own Greatest Hits CD

On Saturday nights from 1800 to midnight CHAY 93.1fm (Barrie, Ontario) presents: "Super Hots Saturday Night. The great rock and roll favorites of the 1960s and 70s with Keith Hampshire." The show is available on line, but because of the time difference between Canada and Europe, will involve some pretty late-night listening for fans on this side of the pond.

Keefers is renowned in Canada for his musical career (read our Keefers feature) and he has a compilation CD out, '20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection'. Click right for info.

Keefers' own website is here.

CD of Vintage Album

An album that Chris has had safely stored amongst his vinyl collection since 1967, 'The London Jazz Four Take a New Look at the Beatles', has now been reissued on CD on the Harkit label. In mint condition, the original album can command a huge price-tag. A copy went on eBay in 2005 for £82! The eleven tracks include 'I Feel Fine', 'Ticket to Ride' and 'Things We Said Today' and although the sleeve artwork has been replaced, the original Steve Race sleeve notes are retained.

In August 1967, The London Jazz Four appeared at the National Jazz and Blues Festival, at Windsor Racecourse, alongside the likes of John Mayall, Fleetwood Mac, the Small Faces and Cream.

(left) Original 1967 sleeve. (right) New CD sleeve. Click for info.

Read Chris's article about the record here.

Alert for 242 Fans!

The Beatstalkers Are Back in Concert....

One of the top Glasgow bands appearing in our recent Radio Scotland feature, the Beatstalkers, (Dave Lennox, Alan Mair, Ronnie Smith, Eddie Campbell and Jeff Allan) are staging a reunion concert.

The Beatstalkers have not played together for 35 years and the reunion is now planned for December 23rd 2005 at the Barrowland Ballroom, Glasgow. The band appeared twice in the Fab 40 – 7/11/65 ('Ev'rybody's Talking 'Bout My Baby') and 7/05/67 as a climber ('My One Chance to Make It' - which, sadly, didn't).

Band member Alan Mair is still in the music business and has his own website where you can find details of the reunion and purchase the Beatstalkers' CD.

...and the Pathfinders are out on CD!

Nigel Lees, who wrote the acclaimed Record Collector A-Z of Psychedelia writes:

I have now my own record label, Top Sounds, and have just released Alphabeat, a various artists 60s compilation on vinyl and CD, including 2 unreleased Pathfinders tracks, with the blessing of Fraser Watson.

The tracks in question are 'Pumpkin Lantern' and 'To Love Somebody'. Interesting that Studio Six turned down a Gibb Brothers song, but the Pathfinders did not, but Nigel's excellent liner notes reveal that the band was not keen. It was Tommy Scott of Major Minor records who persuaded the Pathfinders to record the song.

Other bands featured on the 13-track CD include Graded Grains and Black Cat Bones.

Click left for info on the Alphabeat CD from the Marmalade Skies website.
Film soundtrack CD
DVD (Region 2)
USA DVD (Region 1)

Standing in the Shadows of Motown

Dr Licks, aka Allan Slutsky, wrote a book about legendary Motown Funk Brother bass-player James Jamerson, which he called 'Standing in the Shadows of Motown', the title being inspired by an article by music writer, Nelson George. The book became the catalyst for the making of the movie of the same name. As well as co-producing the film, Allan Slutsky played a major part in the production of the music contained in the film, and was musical director for the Funk Brothers' tour.

The book is on this store page.

Jimmy Page – Hip Young Guitar Slinger

Fab 40 entries by First Gear, Twice As Much and Chris Farlowe can be found on this Sequel compilation, comprisng 65 tracks on 2 CDs.

Although Jimmy played on so many sessions that it's impossible for him to recall them all, these tracks are believed to have been enhanced by his musical talents.

Gimme Gimme – singles and unreleased rarities 1965-66 – The Untamed

Fans of the Dave Dennis Show will recall that the Double D was a great promoter of the Untamed's music. Their version of James Brown's 'I'll Go Crazy' was popular on Radio London, and in April 1966, the band wrote and recorded jingles for the Double D. These can be found interspersed with the songs on the 'Gimme..' CD.

The twenty-track CD, with four Radio London jingles as a bonus, is excellent value

More information on the Untamed, their other CDs, and their Radio London connection can be found here.

They're In Town – The Rockin' Berries

The Berries clocked up a number of weeks in the Fab 40s, with five entries and a #1 achieved on May 30th 1965, with Poor Man's Son. This, and their other singles can be found on this 27-track 2-CD set.

For a full track listing, click on the sleeve photo.

Greatest Hits – Procol Harum

Greatest Hits is a 19-track CD. Naturally, A Whiter Shade of Pale the single pioneered by Radio London, is the first track on there, but it's good to be able to enjoy the lesser-known ones such as Conquistador and Homburg.

For a full track listing click on the sleeve photo.

John Lennon's Jukebox – compilation

ITV devoted a South Bank Show to the music that influenced John Lennon. The programme interspersed interviews with musicians such as Fontella Bass, the Isley Brothers and Bobby Parker, with archive footage. John Lennon's Jukebox is a compilation of the music from the programme, of records which were on the contents list of a portable jukebox that he once owned, and which are known to have inspired John as a songwriter.

The Singles – Unit 4 + 2

The 30-track CD contains both 'A' and 'B-sides' of the band's singles released between 1964 and 1969.

For more about Unit 4 + 2
see the Fab 40 for 14th March 1965.

Mothballs – Steve Howe

A collection of recordings by various bands which featured Steve Howe, some of which also include Keith 'Teenage Opera' West.

Includes Fab 40 entry, the Syndicats' 'On the Horizon' and Tomorrow's 'My White Bicycle', which John Peel included in the final Perfumed Garden, August 13/14 1967.

Wonderful Radio London double CD

Hans Knot still has copies of his Wonderful Radio London double CD for sale. This is a collection of fascinating, audio clips, and it's especially good to be reminded how Big L sounded in its very early days.

Peter Young writes a personal review:

I've just finished listening to the CD. It's great to fill in some of the gaps in my Big L knowledge, as I missed so much whilst at school.

Quite a sizeable Kenny and Cash aircheck on CD 1. The Spike Milligan influence is very apparent, calling each other 'Jim' and 'Neddy' etc. Their style had worn very well I think, and puts Jonathan 'Woss', Evans, Tarrant and the rest of 'em to shame.

Earl Richmond was a scream, trying to sound hip 'n' trendy with his "Here's THE Candy and the Kisses with the latest from this sweet chickie group"!

One criticism which I think is fair, is that there's a lengthy portion of Skues's potted history of Big L, which is great except for an annoying loud crackle that runs right through the piece and obliterates a lot of Keith's words. I'm sure they tried to get the best available recording, but it was a bit pointless including this, as you can't actually hear a lot of what's being said.

It was good to hear Peel's aircheck doing the daytime format and Chris Denning sounded good too.

The double CD is very reasonably priced at only 10, including packing and posting, and can be obtained by sending a ten pound note to: SMC, PO Box 53121, 1007 RC, Amsterdam.

Brian Wilson Performs Pet Sounds Live in London

A fourteen-track DVD recording of one of Brian's Royal Festival Hall performances. It incorporates extras:

Pet Stories – the ultimate inside look at the making of the original album, through new interviews with Brian, lyricist Tony Asher and others.

Brian Wilson Discography – complete details on every release in Brian Wilson's solo career.

Pet Sounds Live Photo Gallery - a collection of photographs of Brian and the band taken during the production of this DVD.

Brian Wilson Performs Pet Sounds Live (below, left) is a Sixteen-track Japanese import DVD, with tracks differing from those on 'Live in London'.

You can find our reviews and pictures of the concert here.
Another release to make you SMiLE

"Thirty-seven years after the brilliant SMiLE album was hatched as a creative thought, you can see the music come to life in a two-disc DVD package featuring nearly four hours of material, including the documentary Beautiful Dreamer: Brian Wilson And The Story of SMiLE, as well as an exclusive performance of SMiLE shot in its entirety in Los Angeles and nearly two hours of never-before-seen bonus footage."

For info on the Smile DVD, released June 13th 2005, click on the sleeve photo, (left) for more info.

'Pirates Waive the Rules' on DVD

'Pirates Waive the Rules' is a DVD of footage taken during the award-winning Pirate BBC Essex broadcast, much of it shot for BBC TV. The Beeb permitted the material to be released on DVD in aid of the Pharos Trust charity, headed by local man Tony O'Neil, which is restoring the LV18, the light vessel used for the Easter broadcast. As one of the last manned Trinity House lightships, it is destined to become a floating museum.

Highlights of 'Pirates Waive the Rules' include the live broadcast by BBC Look East, a tour of the mess, galley and cabins, listeners communicating with the ship by flashing car headlights (it's great to witness what this looked like from the ship!) and hilarious pranks played on Keith Skues. Events culminate in the overwhelming welcome from crowds lining the Ha'penny Pier for the DJs, when they came ashore for the final time.

The launch of the DVD was covered by BBC Essex and supported by two of the celebrity participants in the Easter broadcast – original Big L jocks, Dave Cash and Duncan Johnson (below). Dave, who narrated 'Pirates Waive the Rules', introduced it to the audience at the Electric Palace cinema.

The DVD is available from the LV18 website. Radio London's Pirate BBC Essex coverage and photos are here. Pirate BBC Essex website is here.

Kenny Everett - The Complete Naughty Bits!

Radio London's most famous and hilarious export, Kenny Everett, took a bunch of zany characters, some of which (like Captain Kremmen and his busty sidekick Carla) had originally appeared on his radio shows, and turned them into TV stars via The Kenny Everett Video Show. Strangely, with the notable exception of Carla, played by Anna Dawson , they all bore a close ressemblance to Cuddly Ken himself!

Now you can meet the likes of Angry of Mayfair, and Sid Snot, (posing delicately on the cover, left) on DVD. It has to be assumed from the Amazon description, that the clips on this DVD are taken from the original Thames TV series, The Kenny Everett Television Show, rather than the later BBC one. There was some dispute with Thames over ownership of the characters and new ones such as Cupid Stunt (the glamorous, but hirsute, starlet whose catchphrase gave title to David Lister's 1996 Everett biography, In the Best Possible Taste) and punk hero, Gizzard Puke, were created for the BBC series. (Our tribute pages to Kenny are here)

Live It up

Be My Guest VHS

Dateline Diamonds DVD, film also available on VHS

Live it Up, Be My Guest, Dateline Diamonds

Low-budget 'B-movies', shown as supports to the main feature, were an integral part of a visit to the 'flicks' in the Sixties.

The musical movies Live it Up and Be My Guest were promotional vehicles for the Rank Organisation's Film Music division, which was run by Harold Shampan and acquired by him at the end of 1964. Harold became a director of Radio London's music publishing company, Pall Mall Music and later wrote and produced Dateline Diamonds, released in April 1966 to play alongside Doctor in Clover. The film was based around the story of the Big L ship mv Galaxy being used for the purpose of smuggling stolen gems. Our two-page feature on the film with full cast list, songs featured and foyer photos, is here.

Live it Up came out in 1963, undergoing a change of title in the US to become Sing and Swing. The musicians directed on celluloid by Joe Meek included The Outlaws (with Ritchie Blackmore on lead guitar) and Gene Vincent. Be My Guest starred David Hemmings, with performances by Jerry Lee Lewis, the Nashville Teens, the Zephyrs, the Plebs and Kenny and the Wranglers.

Steve Marriott appears in all three films, but only in Dateline Diamonds as a member of the Small Faces.

In 1965, the Chantelles were heavily promoted as the Big L group and the B-side of I Want That Boy is the Big L song, (originally part of a PAMS promo package) London, My Hometown. The Chantelles also appeared twice in Dateline Diamonds, singing I Think of You and Please Don't Kiss Me. (Both tracks available with other Chantelles recordings on the Go Girl compilation CD.)

Wild Thing – The Sixties DVD Jukebox

A DVD compilation of twenty performances from the German TV show Beat Club. Some of the songs are well-known numbers, others less so, although of course those which are unfamiliar in the UK, may well have enjoyed greater chart action in Germany.

Oddly, when the Troggs appear on this DVD called 'Wild Thing', the song they perform is not their most famous hit, but their '68 single, 'Hip Hip Hooray'! In fact, the only track with the word 'Wild' in the title is the Move's 'Wild Tiger Woman'. The Who perform their Fab Forty Christmas #1, 'Happy Jack', but also sing 'So Sad About Us', while Small Faces fans will be pleased to see them sing both 'Itchycoo Park' and 'I Can't Make it'. Perhaps the most unusual performance of the compilation is Status Quo, from their psychedelic era, and 'Technicolor Dreams'. (What a shame it's in black and white!) This was the A-side of a 1968 Pye single which was subsequently withdrawn, meaning that copies can now fetch between 300 and 750!

There's also a 22-track Beat Club Seventies compilation, where hits include the Walker Brothers, 'No Regrets', 10cc, 'I'm Not in Love', T Rex, 'Ride a White Swan' and Brian Ferry, 'Hard Rain's Gonna Fall'. There are lesser-known songs from the likes of Fleetwood Mac, Stealer's Wheel, Joe Cocker and the Jeff Beck Group. Chuck Berry also manages to sneak in with 'Johnny B Goode'. Hardly a Seventies song, but that must have been the era when he performed it on Beat Club.

Radio London Film

A previously-unknown film of Radio London emerged in 2001. The film is an Anorak must-have, containing fascinating previously-unseen material, and it is incredible to think that all this has been lurking undiscovered for so long. What's even more incredible is that people like Keith Skues and Stewpot, who appear in it many times, cannot recall the identity of the person behind the camera! Please e-mail:

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