On June 23rd 2002, Radio London was surprised to be contacted by John Chapelhow, from the Wigan area, who told us:

"Upon clearing out the loft I have come across a boxed, unused 'Discatron' that my parents won as a prize some years ago, it comes with the original battery (unopened) and Xmas Discatron info leaflet and instructions.

The Discatron is complete, in what I assume to be the original shipping box. The plain brown box still has its 'Discatron Ltd' label on. The screw-in feet/stands are still in their original plastic bag. The original Vidor batteries show no signs of leakage after storage, they even have a full charge! The card instruction/warranty sheet is present.

The 'Gifted Discatron' wrap, which would nominally go around the machine as a present, is in good condition, although the tacky surface has ceased to stick!

The silver-work on the Discatron itself and all the plastic is as new. "

Over the years, Radio London has been contacted by a number of people who either owned a Discatron which they wished to sell, or people who were interested in purchasing one. However, we had never expected one to turn up in mint condition! It was also rather surprising that the treasure in question was a competition prize, because a competition was what prompted the Discatron to be featured on the Radio London website in the first place. We had never expected the machine to generate such interest!

When we put John in touch with potential buyers, we asked if he would mind photographing his prize for us before he parted company with it. Considering that it had been stored in an attic, the condition of the Discatron (and even its batteries) proves to be quite remarkable!

We greatly appreciate John taking the trouble to photograph this amazing machine, and thank him very much indeed. What a find!

Click on the photo of the instruction book and guarantee to view a legible version.
Presenting, the Gifted Discatron, in all its glory!

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