Edward Stewart Mainwaring
23rd April 1941 – 9th January 2016

"There was something special about being on a pirate radio ship in the North Sea, in a roaring gale in winter. You obviously can't recreate that in a studio on land and that's what gave pirate radio its special magic and appeal to millions of listeners."

Two photos of Ed and Mark Roman from the Mark Roman Collection, taken by Peter L Mould at Brands Hatch, June 18th 1967. The beauty competition was sponsored by Batgers Silmos Lollies.

Brands Hatch poster kindly supplied by Harvey Shield
of Episode Six

The 35th Anniversary Reunion 2002
The Big L Four: David Hawkins, Willy Walker, Ed and Duncan Johnson

The 35th Anniversary Reunion 2002
Ed chats to Keith 'Keefers' Hampshire, ex-Radio Caroline

The 35th Anniversary Reunion 2002
Chatting to (l to r) John Baynton, 'Fab' Alan Field, Peter Herring and Colin Lees

The Radio Academy Celebration of Sixties Offshore Radio, 2007

With Duncan and Keith Skues.
(Right) The Radio London panel:
Tony Blackburn, Norm St John, Pete Brady, Ed, Duncan

Duncan's 70th Birthday Party, 2008

Duncan's 75th Birthday Party, 2013
with Ian Damon

Radio London 50th Birthday Party, Dec 23rd 2014
Ed celebrates with Cardboard Shoes

Radio London 50th Birthday Party, Dec 23rd 2014
Ed with shipmates Michel Philistin, Duncan Johnson, Keith Skues, Pete Brady, David Hawkins, Ian 'Wombat' Damon.

With many thanks to Paul Easton, Ben Meijering and Martin van der Ven
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