A bottle of 'Rosko rosé'? Has someone been tampering with the label?

(Dave and Emperor Rosko recorded a 'rap' record together in 2007)

Dave Cash
18 July 1942 – 21 October 2016

On hearing for the first time, a tape of KLIF, Dallas:
"We stood in the cramped, blanket-lined room*, holding on to anything that was solid and listened to the Charlie & Harrigan breakfast show."

"Did you say you were a writer?"Kenny asked. "If you can write some characters and sketches as good as them,
we could do a double show. How about Kenny & Cash?"

(Edited extract from 'He Sounds Much Taller: Memoirs of a Radio Pirate' 2012.

Left: Radio London's early broadcasters enjoying a jam session in the
Galaxy mess, with Paul Kaye and Pete Brady on guitars. Dave is kneeling by the table.

Not looking much like pirates – let alone DJs – the guys are mostly wearing ties!
(They may well have been told to 'look smart' for the photoshoot.)

Kenny appears especially conservative in his knitted cardi that looks as if it could have been knitted by his mum!

* There's a photo of that 'cramped, blanket-lined room' in the tribute page on The Pirate Radio Hall of Fame

Photo credits: Mary Payne, Chris Payne, Jaqui Lasellé, Eddie O'Konnor, Tony O'Neil, John Sales, Roy Sheeran and the late Cari Wilkins

Ben Toney, Big L's first Programme Director who gave Dave his break in offshore radio

When I was programme director at Radio London, I made a weekly trip to the Galaxy and delivered the records to be played for the following week. At the same time, I brought a list of corrections for the DJs to look over in order to tighten up their shows. I can't remember a time that I had to correct Dave Cash on any aspect of his presentation. To me, he was the perfect DJ right from the start. He knew what his job was and did it extremely well. In my mind there will never be another Dave Cash. He was the best of the best.  My dear friend Dave, rest in peace.

Ben Toney tells how he and Dave interviewed Ringo Starr - in a toilet!

Left, Ben (in red) with Dave at the dinner to celebrate Big L 97

Stephen Raindle, dedicated listener

I was shocked and saddened to read in my daily paper of the passing of Dave Cash - a great disc jockey, presenter and above all, a communicator to all his many listeners over the past 52 years. I guess Dave was one of the first voices I came to recognise on Big L way back in 1964 and I still consider myself a member of the 'Out Crowd' as started by Dave and Kenny in their wonderful but zany Kenny & Cash Radio Programmes from the Galaxy. The radio was a much better place with Dave Cash at the microphone. 

Peter Verley, dedicated listener

I met Dave for the first time at the Radio London 30th anniversary party at The Prince's Theatre, Clacton in 1997. He came across as a very warm, friendly and genuine person.

I also met him on Ha'penny Pier, Harwich after one of BBC Essex pirate radio broadcasts. Again, Dave appeared to have time for a chat with everyone who approached him.

I would just like to say, "Thanks for the memories, Dave and especially those wonderful days of Big L when you and your fellow pirates revolutionised radio for us in the U.K. Rest in peace, my friend and confidant. Once again thank you for the wonderful memories. Luckily I have you on cds from the Pirate Radio Essex broadcasts including when your good friend Gary Walker was your studio guest. I listen to those cds quite regularly and get a lot of pleasure from them, hearing all those who were aboard the LV18, including Mike Ahern.

With long-time friend Gary Walker of the Walker Brothers Dave and Sara incite dancing on Ha'penny Pier

Alan Hardy, dedicated listener

I was shocked and saddened by the news of the sudden death of Dave. His was a radio voice that has been with us for over 50 years and it's a testament to his talent that he was still on-air on a regular basis right up to his death. Whichever station Dave was on he always sounded warm, enthusiastic and presented as if he was enjoying himself; and he never forgot his 'pirate roots' from his time on Radio London. Another sad loss. He'll be missed.

John Sales, dedicated listener

I first heard news about Dave's passing away while I was in my car and listening to BBC Essex on the afternoon of Friday 21st October. I couldn't believe what I'd heard, his death was so very unexpected. Probably the last time I had the pleasure of speaking to him was in Harwich during the last Pirate BBC Essex broadcast in 2009. I can remember him doing his show on the afternoon of the final day and he was dancing around on the deck of the LV18 with his, at the time, wife-to-be, Emily Email.  They were just like a couple of teenagers! He just had to keep nipping back into the studio to do the next link! They also recreated 'The Flying Scene' from the film 'Titanic' on the bow of the Lightship: Happy Days!
As were all the original Radio London DJs, Dave Cash was always a true gentleman.
R.I.P Dave Cash – His passing is a tremendous loss to his family, friends and the broadcasting industry

Keith Skues, Radio London DJ

I first met Dave on the Offshore 1 tender in 1965, when he was heading for Big L and I was heading for Caroline. The last time Dave and I met was on Pirate BBC Essex when he and Tony O'Neil played practical jokes on me during the Pirate BBC Essex broadcasts - not once, but twice! There was never a dull moment when in his company.

Keith presented a tribute to Dave during his networked programme on Sunday, October 23rd, circa 2hrs 8mins in. He was inundated with listener emails, some of which were sent by contributors to these Memorial Pages.

(Below, left) Dave (looking somewhat sunburnt) and Skuesy on another tender - coming ashore with the Pirate BBC Essex crew.
(Right) With glamour model Daph-knee, the source of one of the pranks. She sneaked into Skuesy's bed with a little assistance from Dave and Tony O'Neil.

Guy Hamilton, 270 DJ

I knew Dave only slightly, mostly from Radio West when I was starting Wiltshire Radio down the road. The two later merged as GWR. 
A very nice bloke, always friendly.

Chris Brisland, dedicated listener

Chris is renowned for his collection of vintage radios and is a frequent contrubutor to BBC local radio programmes. He has devoted this week's update to his Wireless of the Week Facebook page to a personal tribute to Dave, revealing how he impressed him with his 1958 Dansette radio!

(Left) Chris with Dave and his prized Dansette, pictured in the Offshore Exhibition on the Ha'penny Pier

Michel Philistin, Radio London steward, and Duncan Johnson, Radio London - and later Capital - DJ

Michel has written on behalf of himself and Duncan, wishing to express their condolences to Dave's family and friends.

(Right) Dave, Duncan and a Wurlitzer jukebox, November 2004

Alan Field, dedicated listener

It's a week since I heard the news about Dave, and the feeling of loss doesn't subside. He was my favourite dj on Radio London in the early days. He had it all: the voice, the chat, a great sense of humour, and let's not forget that incredible ability of his to talk over the intro of any record, and hit the vocal spot on. Dave elevated that into an art-form, and not a stopwatch in sight! A true professional, with 52 years on the air to prove it.
Sad to say, Dave was one of my radio heroes I never had the pleasure to meet. But while I can't say I knew him, it somehow FEELS like I did. What better tribute to a broadcaster than to be able to say that.

Terry Bateman, dedicated listener

Truly sad, sad news. I'm kind of at loss for words, but I especially like the comment "I loved the porridge smell of the valve-driven studios". Dave was right you can't beat the smell [and sound] of real valve equipment! I've attached a picture of the BBC Radio Kent turntable (sadly not one of Rega's!) which I took when I popped into the studio a while back. I asked Dave where the BBC Kent turntable was, and he showed me the one in the photo, which was hiding in a rack in the operational area. Dave wrote in the dust (on the dust cover!) "Dave Was Here"….. This now kinda feels fitting!

Ian 'Wombat' Damon, ex-Radio London and Capital Radio

I like many others was saddened by the death of Dave on October 21. Having worked with him at Capital Radio in its early years, first on sales and also voicing commercials for him, he was an inspiration to us all. Dave put me at ease when he Introduced me for the first time I presented Night Flight in February 1975. I  handed over to Kenny Everett who was doing Breakfast after my seven-and-a-half-hour stint that day! I always remember Dave letting me promote my London Link programme on his lunchtime Cash on Delivery show, when I had a break from my Fun Bus duties for the station. His days on Big L on the Galaxy will always be remembered and especially the Kenny and Cash shows, which we used to talk about when I was on board the ship. My condolences to Sara, friends and family.

Terry Davis, ex-Atlantis and RNI

I was shocked to hear the news. I remember contacting Dave when he produced 'He Sounds Much Taller'. He seemed ageless, which is borne out by the comments I've had in the past week.

They range from memories of Dave Cash's breakfast show on Big L and Kenny & Cash fifty years ago, to "but I was only listening to him last week!".

For me, Dave was also the life and soul (and I believe the best cook!) of Pirate BBC Essex - I seem to remember he did one of the morning shows in his dressing gown as he was living on the ship and had just got out of bed!!

But my favourite memory is April 1st 1974 when Capital Radio became Big L (and everything briefly returned to the way it should be!) with Kenny & Cash, assisted by Tommy Vance and Duncan Johnson, pretending they were aboard the Galaxy on April 1st 1966. Audio clip below!

Happy memories. Thank you Dave.

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