Ben Toney:
Star of the Lone Star State
14th Feb 1931 – 10th May 2018

A photo album of memories

Ben and Tom Danaher were delighted to be able to attend the USS Density Reunion in Dallas in 2001 and meet the WWII shipmates

Below, l to r: Bill, Ben, Charlie, Tom, Laverne and Russell. Sadly, all now deceased

Ben and Raquel arrive at Mary's surprise birthday party. Mary had no idea that they were coming!
VIP guests Ben and Mitch
Chris introduces our guests. l to r Bud Ballou, Ian Damon, Ben, Mitch, Chris, Mary and Knees Club Official Jenny
A serious confab with Ron, the Galaxy's Captain Bill Buninga's son
A conference with Fab Alan Field, Guy Hamilton (Radio 270) and Bud Ballou (Radio Caroline). Ben had acted as a consultant for Radio 270
"Hi there, you there!" Ian Wombat Damon joins in

Here's Mitch again. Ben and Mitch were the only two members of the Radio London staff to make the massive journey to England with the Galaxy in 1964 and remain with the ship when she began hosting Radio London

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Photos: Chris and Mary Payne, Hans Knot, Martin van der Ven
Ben's Radio London Memoirs

Ben's message for Offshore 50

The excellent Pirate Radio Hall of Fame tribute to Ben

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