35th Anniversary Mini-Reunions 2002

October 17th, Tanya Baugus, organiser of the 2001 Density Reunion, came to Stoke Mandeville

20th October, Steve and Trish Young came to Stoke Mandeville as part of a series of UK mini-reunions

Ben Healy reports on an Autumn Mini-Reunion in Edmonton

I am so sorry that I did not get the chance to meet you and Chris last time I was in London but I now have your telephone numbers in my wallet so next time I am in London I look forward to meeting with you both. I have had so many e-mails about the reunion and how well organized it was. You have to be very proud of the way it came together.

I recently met with Lorne King and Gord Cruise here in Edmonton and had a wonderful time. Lorne was a joy to meet once again and he remembers Big L like it was yesterday. We had some pictures taken by Gord and he said that he would send us copies and if you are interested would forward them on to you. Gord left us on Sunday to go to Grande Prairie to meet up with Mike Lennox who sells real estate in that town which is a five hour drive north of Edmonton. He spoke so highly of both of you and what wonderful people you are.

I have written to Alan Black, who now lives in London and I will get back to you and let you know what he is up to when I hear back from him. Richard Park, ex-Radio Scotland, e-mailed me yesterday and told me that he is doing a show on BBC TV on Friday nights, Fame Academy, which is now doing very well. He said he is so busy with the TV programme that he has little time for anything else.

I also talked to Mel Howard ex Radio Scotland and Radio Caroline yesterday in Winnipeg and he seemed to very excited about the prospect of the proposed documentary on CBC TV about the Canadians involved in the Pirates. I hope they involve you in the documentary as you and Chris were responsible for bringing a lot of people together after all those years.

I am meeting Lorne King again this Friday and I will print out a lot of information for him from your website, as he is not on the Internet.

I want to let you know that you have the admiration and respect of a lot of people in the radio business and your successful reunion has only enhanced that respect.

As always best wishes to you both,


Naturally, the Webmasters were extremely flattered to receive Ben's kind comments and have immediately asked to see the photos that Gordy took at the mini-reunion! We shall be bringing you more news regarding the CBC TV documentary as soon as we have it.