November 2005
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(Updated Oct 1st) Harm Koenders adds a new DJ climber to the Fab 40 for 26/06/66
(Updated Oct 1st) Wim van Genderen has added a supplement of five new climbers to the Fab 40 for 3/10/65
(Updated Oct 8th) another supplement of eight DJ climbers for the Fab 40 for 10/10/65, thanks to Wim van Genderen
(Updated Oct 15th) West Five: band members set the record straight
(Updated Oct 8th) Tim Schwabedissen has added new photos to his sad collection taken when the mv Galaxy sank in Kiel harbour.
To mark Peel Day, we have a new page of clippings from the early era of Radio One.
(Updated Oct 29th) The Swop Shop has several new entries that would make good Christmas prezzies!
(new Oct 29th) 2-page photo-montage from the Dutch Radio Day, October 22nd, 2005

And now, the news....

The Piersons make a flying visit

Grey Pierson (pictured with his wife Paula), son of original Radio London and Radio England Founder, Don, was in London for a brief visit with family members. Grey, who is very impressed with Radio London (read his statement on our Home Page) and the achievements of its directors, particularly wanted to meet Chris and Mary. He also lunched with Jonathan, who runs the magnificent Pirate Radio Hall of Fame.

The Piersons were staying in Mayfair, only one street way from Curzon Street, yet had not been aware of this when they booked their accommodation! Sadly, the weather was too wet for a photocall outside #17.

Grey described his late father as 'a real character' and talked of how in 1964, he hired a plane at Biggin Hill airfield to investigate the Caroline ship. The resulting aerial photos, taken by Grey, assisted them in estimating the size of the radio mast in proportion to the ship, with a view to achieving a similar shipbound station.

Don detested the old English one-penny coins and how they weighed down his pockets. (For those too young to remember, the coins were the size of a 2p piece and there were 12 to a shilling {5p}). He and Grey embarked on a bet as to whether anyone would bother to pick up a dropped penny coin and started tossing some on to the pavement outside the Mayfair offices. To their surprise, the first person to pick up a penny was the actor Lee Marvin, who was totally bemused as to what was going on!

Caroline Trannie

Our friend in Belfast, Kenny Tosh, writes:

This photo is from a local guy, a friend of my Mum. He found the trannie at a boot sale, paid 1.50 for it and brought it round last night. It STILL WORKS! (It wasn't tuned to 259 mw when I got it !!)

Kenny's friend is interested to know if his car boot bargain is likely to be valuable. If anyone has any ideas on the subject, please let us know!

'Oui' are back on the radio!

Our friend Marc 'Mais Oui' Denis, in Montreal says:
Just a quick click to let you know that I'm back on-air... on Montreal's New Q 92, Saturday afternoons Noon-to-6pm...having once again a tun of fun.

This is the first time on English-language radio for me in Montreal in many years, a return of sorts. Great staff. Great talents. Q92 Montreal has a 'Listen Live' internet stream.

There's also lots of 'new' audio on my 980 CKGM Super 70s Tribute Page, by the way. The CKGM Super 70s Control Room, for one, now has over 30 personalities of that CKGM era entertaining once again, just like back then in Montreal... It's all fun!

Cheers, mes amis and keep in touch.

Hit the Road, Jack!
The latest edition of The Radio Wave newsletter, #44,
includes: New Yorkers have officially, and loudly, rejected 'Jack', the controversial format that replaced beloved oldies on WCBS-FM* Radio Jock Keeping Abreast of Airline Security * BBC Bans Blackberry * Think you've heard it all – now there's a radio station for PETS!

A Peelucopia!

When Peelie, BBC Radio 1's longest-standing presenter, died suddenly last year, many people suggested that a fitting memorial would be a 'John Peel Day'. Radio One staged the first-ever tribute day on Thursday October 13th, with over 300 gigs taking place across the country. October marks the first anniversary of John's untimely death, and Peel Day was so successful that it is anticipated that it will become an annual event.

New Order, The Fall and Super Furry Animals appeared at a Radio One concert at London's Queen Elizabeth Hall on 12 October, while more than 300 gigs were organised to mark John Peel Day itself around the world, including Spain, Germany, US, New Zealand and Canada.

John was also remembered with a special edition of Home Truths (Saturday 22 October on BBC Radio 4), presented by long-time Peel fan, Tom Robinson, who used to correspond with his hero during the Perfumed Garden days. It is a very personal programme featuring contributions from all the members of the Ravenscroft family. Visit the Home Truths website to hear the interviews.

The much-anticipated autobiography, 'Margrave Of The Marshes', completed by members of the Ravenscroft family after John's death, is available from October 17th. (Click jacket photo for ordering info) It has already been read in five parts as the Radio 4 Book Of The Week.

John's son Tom worked as a researcher on a C4 TV documentary, 'John Peel's Record Box', featuring gems from amongst his father's amazing collection of thousands. The list of 142 of Peelies' most prized singles is at and it does contain a few Fab 40 rarities (and rather unexpectedly, a Bill Oddie Joe Cocker spoof!). The Mark Four's 'Hurt Me If You Will' (See Fab 40 150865) was virtually unknown on shore, and Roy Head's 'Treat Her Right' (FF #2, 24/10/65) barely touched the National charts. The Misunderstood's 'I Can Take You to the Sun' had clearly remained a Peel favourite since 1967, as it had received the honour of two spins during the final Perfumed Garden.

Tom Ravenscroft is also behind the release of a cover version of the Buzzcocks' "Ever Fallen In Love" in aid of Amnesty International and dedicated to John's memory. The record had its first airing simultaneously across all BBC stations, on October 10th, and is released on 21 November, to coincide with Peelie's induction into Channel 4's UK Music Hall of Fame.

It has also been announced that the massive record collection accumulated by Peelie will remain with the Ravenscroft family at least for the time being. It had been rumoured that the collection might be donated to the National Sound Archive. (thanks to Steve Young)

John Peel will bloom in the spring!
Hans Knot's Part 2 September edition of the International Newsletter reveals that a new variety of tulip has been named after Peelie by Springfields Horticultural Society in Spalding, Lincolnshire. Big L fans could plant a bed of them to spell out 'Perfumed Garden'!

To sign up for the free emailed newsletter, contact Hans at

Visit the Home Truths website for information on how to order John Peel tulips.

Hans has also very kindly contributed a couple of news clippings to our new Radio London Peel Clippings feature.

BBC Radio 1 Peel Homepage

BBC radio is available via the internet. and many programmes have a 'listen again' option for at least a week after transmission.

Martin van der Ven's Offshore Radio Guide website has full details of the 27th Radio Day and RNI Reunion, organised by The Foundation for Mediacommunication, Martin and Hans Knot, on Saturday October 22nd in Amsterdam's Hotel Casa near the Amstel railway station. (Photo courtesy of Dick Offringa)

Who are they photographing?

(Above) Duncan Johnson, one of the special guests, pictured with Peter Young (who was not present at the Radio Day). Peter made it out to the Mebo II but failed to make it to air on RNI, due to seasickness. He and Duncan eventually worked together at London's Capital Radio.

Tom Edwards on BBC Kent
Ex-Caroline jock Tom Edwards appeared with Dave Cash on Jeremy Dry's programme on BBC Kent, Saturday, November 3rd and talked about their watery wireless experiences. Tom revealed that everyone on Radio City listened to the Kenny and Cash programme and were greatly impressed by it! The item may be available via the 'listen again' facility.

Powerful in Purple-and-White
The Pirate Radio Hall of Fame has has some new information about Radio London's purple-and-white racing cars, their drivers and mechanics. Mark Hammerton dips into his tape collection and provides another selection of Radio 390 theme tunes. And the tenth anniversary of the death of Radio Scotland's Stuart Henry is commemorated with a page of photos.

Rare 390 artifact on offer
In Bob le Roi's latest site update:
"Scrapbook" has some lovely sunsets over the Red Sands and facts from the forts days of broadcasting in Romantic Red Sands. This feature acts as a springboard to a Very Special Offer of a chance to win a rare original item of 60s Radio Promotion Merchandise from Radio 390.
Early Caroline
Hans Knot's new edition of the International Newsletter features tales of early advertising on Rado Caroline and the first member of the Caroline Club, plus news of missing RNI DJ Roger Kent. To sign up for the free emailed newsletter, contact Hans at
More Forts Photos from Dave

Dave Roberts writes:
Many thanks for a continuingly interesting website and for updating my website link in the past. I have once again visited the Maunsell towers at RED SANDS and SHIVERING SANDS (on 2nd October 2005) on a fine sunny day and added two pages each for Red Sands and Shivering Sands.

These can be accessed via a site map LINKS PAGE

I seem to be making my web site an annual PHOTOGRAPHIC record of these continually fascinating structures. It seems that they could well be removed/dismantled within two years according to Frank N Turner - a specialist on the Maunsell sea forts and partner in Project Redsand which hopes to preserve some towers or one tower for posterity.

So I am doing my little bit to preserve them on the web.

Blunstone and Argent back on Zombies Tour
Colin Blunstone and Rod Argent are back on the road with their band. They are touring the UK throughout November and if you get a chance to go and see them, do! Radio London can't recommend them highly enough. (See our reviews of previous concerts) If they are not playing a town near you, a DVD 'Live at Bloomsbury Theatre' is due for release shortly. Dates and venues are available from Colin's website.

Another Move for The Museum of Commercial Radio
Robin Davey writes:

Thank you for changing the URL on the link to The Museum of Commercial Radio. Unfortunately, in true offshore fashion, we have had to have another URL (frequency!) change after endless problems. The new (and permanent!) URL for the site is now as above.

I operate the station "Golden Radio International" from the site, and feature a complete archive recording every month, as well as a music show presented in the style of the former offshore stations. For the face behind the voice on the show, here's a picture of yours truly in the GRI studio. (Faces NEVER match voices, do they?) At one point we had 5 DJs on the station, but I had to scale it down to only me now due to severe lack of free time.

Thank you again for the pleasure you bring to so many, and for your untiring work for offshore radio. You really deserve some kind of award!

Best wishes, Robin (A.K.A. Robin Dee)

Thank YOU Robin, for your kind words of appreciation.

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