August 2001

Of course, most of the happenings in August 2001 centred around the Big L 2001 RSL, the story of which can be found here.

Three Amigos

Recognise anyone in this photo? Here's a clue. Many years ago, they were on a ship together!

This photo was taken when Bud Ballou, Roger Day and Johnnie Walker met again in July 2001, for the first time since 1968. Thanks a million, guys, for allowing us to use the photograph.

Hit-makers Hit Harlow!

Nick Jeffery has arranged a FREE Sixties Pop Festival at The Bandstand, Harlow Town Park on Sunday 5th August, between 1.00 and 9.13pm with plenty of facilities and refreshment stands. Yes, you did read it correctly, entry is FREE!

Nick has worked hard to assemble an impressive line-up of Sixties hit-makers, including The Dreamers, Union Gap, Brian Poole and Electrix and Big L Teenage Opera favourite, Keith West.

Radio London is supporting the event with personal appearances from Ray Anderson and Paul MacLaren. The event will be broadcast live by Stort Valley TV and Stort Valley Radio.

Info from:

Another Sad Loss to Radio

The radio world was saddened this week by the untimely death of John Walters on July 31st. John, a one-time trumpeter with Fab Forty chart-toppers, the Alan Price Set, John will be fondly-remembered as John Peel's Radio One producer of over twenty years. John Walters also presented many shows of his own, including the memorable Walters Weekly.

In the edition of Radio Times for 28th July to 31st August, John Peel wrote that their relationship was, "That of a man and his dog, each believing the other to be the dog." Not knowing, of course, that his friend was to pass away that week, the Radio Times columnist had told his readers that John Walters held a determination to deliver a lengthy eulogy at his (Peel's) own funeral.

Lorne King Updated

Big L fans will be pleased to hear that in his August Pirate Radio Hall of Fame update, Jonathan has replaced the Lorne King audio with a much improved clip. The site also features more Radio Caroline recordings and some interesting letters written by the late Ed Moreno. Jonathan says:

"There is also a good quality recording of Ed's tribute to the Radio Invicta boss Tom Pepper, broadcast the day after he drowned. Not exactly jolly listening but it does remind us that people sometimes took great risks in the cause of offshore radio.

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