"We're all going on a summer holiday" – to Brighton!

Part 2 of our picture gallery...

This is the PPP – Pauline's Personality Pictures!

Yes, the Barron Knights are still on top form.
Must be something to do with the beer?!
Pauline going Wilde for Marty, or is it the other way round? (Well you try and think of captions!)
Pauline gives sound advice on knee waxing and polishing to Ray Ennis and Phil Thompson
Alan Lovell considers whether to take his trousers down for a knee inspection

A couple of surreal ones to finish...

Look! No beer belly!!
That man just can't resist exposing himself in public!

CK, having consumed the required number of pints and got his round in, is accepted as an associate member of the EBC (Elbow-Bending Club). Is that an empty glass I see? Careful you don't get thrown out!

© Chris Payne & Pauline Miller 2000

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