On the air 11th April to 8th May, 2000

RF NorthSea Interference

The RNI 2000 broadcast commenced a day late, on April 12th, from the former Trinity House Light Vessel 18, moored alongside the Old Railway Pier in Harwich. Problems arose because the studio mixer was picking up RF from the transmitter. Ray Anderson came to the rescue with the mixer from the mv Communicator, which had been used during RNI '99. Although this solved many of the problems, trouble was still being experienced with cueing records, as RF was being picked up on prefade as well.

More problems arose over the Easter weekend, when trouble with the homebrew transmitter sent RNI off the air for much of Friday and Saturday. Clive Boutell and Tony Currie did their best to fix it and discovered wires connected the wrong way round, things twisted together and arcing to the chassis; even the transmitter chassis proved a quarter inch too big for the case, and had to be bent to make it fit!

Could the mischievous Ghostly Jack be behind all this? Read the Payne Personal Report!

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