Roman Antiquities 3

Mark Roman has kindly donated to Radio London his archive of memorabilia, collected during his days aboard the Galaxy and his subsequent broadcasting career.



An imaginative listener birhday request arrived in the form of a mock-Roman scroll, tied with red ribbon. Mark was so impressed with it that he kept it - which is saying something when you consider the volume of mail he received on the Galaxy!

Antony and Carol Standfield, are you out there somewhere in the Empire?

Sue and Gloria, students from London's Goldsmith College, were plugging their Rag Week, which was raising funds for Dr Barnardo's World University Service charity. Their large, bright pink postcards decorated with gonks (remember them?) ducks and fish caught Mark's attention. We've shown a couple of them both ways up so it's possible to read all the comments written on them.

The Mark Roman column, written nine months after the birth of Radio One, circa May 1968. Hans Knot, who also has a copy of the clipping, asked Mark if he remembered writing it. He replied, "I don't remember it, but I agree with everything I said. It seems I was something of a prophet."

All other photos and memorabilia courtesy of Mark Roman