Happy Birthday!
Radio London
d December 1964

Radio London commenced test transmissions on December 19th 1964 and began regular transmissions on December 23rd.

To celebrate this very special occasion, our friend Hans Knot has very kindly scanned a number of original documents and Radlon memos, significant to the station's history. As far as possible, they are shown in date order.

The above clipping is dated 11th November, indicating that Radio London appeared a little later than anticipated.

(Right) Words of encouragement from Dennis Maitland in Curzon Street to those suffering the discomforts of life on the North Sea in winter.

Radlon's Managing Director, Philp Birch, sends a memo to Captain Buninga, asking him to remind the DJs and crew that fraternising with 'the enemy' is forbidden! On one occasion, Mich the steward nearly drowned while swimming back from the Mi Amigo with the current against him, but was saved by a Dutch crew member.

(Right) A German Newspaper reports the rescue from the sea of US pilot John C Wynn (sic). Wynn parachuted from his F101 Voodoo jet when the aircraft got into difficulty. He was rescued by the tender Offshore 1, which was in the vicinity carrying Pete Brady and Dave Dennis back to the Galaxy after their shore leave. The press sensationalised the story and, much to Pete Brady's embarrassment, erroneously led the public to believe that Pete had jumped overboard to rescue Wynn.

Radio London was off the air for 48 hours at the end of September 1965, due to an aerial fault. Normal transmission resumed on October 1st, and Radlon Sales placed the apology on the left in the national press.
Mike Stone requests DJ signatures for future publication in the 'Disc 'Big L Column'.
Max Bygraves attempts to plug a single. "It's Your Birthday' never made the playlist, but another single by Max was selected for the 'Ballad Box'

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(Left) a bill for advertisements "only to be transmitted on wet or dull days!"


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