Alan's Clippings

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Pages 1 to 10 cover November 1964 to October 1965, including the beginnings of Caroline and Atlanta, the Netherlands' TV Nordsee, from REM Island, stations on forts and early Radio London.
Pages 11 to 18 cover February 1966 to November 1966, including correspondence with Ted Allbeury, MD of Radio 310, and problems for Radios 390 and Essex.
Pages 19 to 27 cover January 1967 to July 1967 and the impending threat of the Marine Offences Bill.
Pages 28 to 39 cover July 1967 to August 1967, the impending demise of most of the offshore stations and the threats to Caroline as the station plans to continue.
Pages 40 to 48 cover August 14th, 1967, sad farewells and riots at Liverpool Street station.
Pages 49 to 54 cover post-MOA August 1967, Caroline's continued defiance and The Isle of Man's efforts to thwart the British government's law.
Pages 55 to 64 cover late-August 1967 to Sept, the lead-up and launch of the Beeb's 'replacement station', Radio 1.
Pages 65 to 70 covers October 1967 to March 1968 and both Caroline ships being towed away, then switches to the 1980s and Caroline's reincarnation on the North Sea.
Pages 71 to 77 cover Caroline's fight to stay on the air between 1985 and 1989 and the arrival of Laser 558.
Pages 78 to 81 consist of photos taken aboard the Galaxy in 1967 that Alan purchased via adverts in music papers. The two final pages are pictures from Beatwave magazine.

The Clippings Collection © Alan Stroud 2023

Many thanks to Alan for sharing his impressive collection, which, we can fully appreciate, has taken a good deal of hard work.

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