TV and Radio Listings
clippings from Wim Willems

I have been looking at your site for quite some time now and it always makes very interesting reading. Ever since I began listening to (offshore) radio back in the Sixties it has always had my interest reading about this eventful era in broadcasting.
In 1971 I lived in London for a while and attended a language school in Oxford Street. Occasionally I bought magazines, notably the BBC's Radio Times and its commercial rival the TV Times from ITV.
There were listings in them which may be of interest to you and your site visitors. I made scans of some of the pages which feature ex-DJ's from pirate radio ships such as Paul Kaye (spelt with an 'e' here), programme 'Farmhouse Kitchen'. Also listings from Radios 1and 2, with a host of offshore radio DJs.

With many regards, Wim Willems

Some very familiar offshore names are in these old radio listings. Click on the individual pages to see large versions. Yorkshire TV's 'Farmhouse Kitchen' stars Paul Kaye alongside Mary Berry, still Queen of the Kitchen in 2016.

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