September 2005
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(updated Aug 19th) Rey Anton and the Peppermint Men
(updated Aug 19th) The Sorrows and 'Take a Heart'
(updated Aug 19th) An extra page of photos by Kenny Tosh is added to the five of the 242 Mini-reunion.
(new Aug 6th) This beautiful painting of the Comet was a gift from Kenny Tosh to Ben Healy
(Aug 6th) The amazing story of Studio Six, who not only shared an agent with the Who and the Bee Gees, but turned down a Gibb Brothers' song in favour of one of their own! Now updated and extended to two pages.
(Aug 6th) Page Two tells more of the story of the Glasgow bands of the Sixties.
(Updated Aug 6th) The Caroline Sixties Scrapbook. Page 10 tells of a surprise reunion for two shipmates, with a bonus 1965 soundbite.

And now, the news....

Pauline with Frank on his UK visit 2004
'I Remember Me - the First 25 Years'
During his Sunday show on the 2002 Big L RSL in Clacton, Keith Skues interviewed Pauline Halford, who was co-authoring Frank Ifield's life story. The biography 'I Remember Me', which was expected to be published soon after the interview, is finally available. The book now extends to two volumes, with part one covering the first twenty-five years of Frank's life, 1937 – 1962.

It is a warm, humorous and very readable book, telling of Ifield family life in England and Australia, of the third son's talent for yodelling and his burning ambition to succeed as a singer.

Although Frank's biggest hits in England were prior to the offshore radio era, five of his later singles became Big L climbers or Fab 40 entries. 'I Remember Me - the First 25 Years', reveals how as early as 1961, fellow Australian Allan Crawford quietly discussed with Frank his ideas for an offshore station. Both were equally frustrated by the distinct lack of music to be heard over the airwaves in the UK. The only drawback to achieving this dream was a severe shortage of money, an obstacle which of course Allan eventually overcame to start Radio Atlanta. More about the offshore stations is covered in volume two.

Click on the book jacket to buy 'I Remember Me - the First 25 Years'.

Radio Wave Special Supplement
The Radio Wave newsletter currently has two editions, #42, and a Hurricane Katrina special supplement revealing how radio proved a vital communication medium during the disaster.

They met in Edmonton

Steve and Trish Young made a recent trip to Edmonton, where they enjoyed dinner with Bernice and Ben Healy. Lorne King was unfortunately unable to join them.

Left: Ben, Bernice, Steve. Right: Bernice, Ben, Trish.

Fab Big L Memorabilia
In 1968 two offshore fans paid a visit to Radio London's former ship, the Galaxy, then lying in Hamburg harbour. The Pirate Radio Hall of Fame has their story, photos and some fascinating recordings they rescued, including one of Ed Stewart interviewing a Beach Boy. The PRHoF also celebrates the memory of Radio 390, forty years old this month, with a page of audio and memorabilia.

Easter on the Ross
Peter Messingfeld writes:
At Easter BBC Radio Essex and Radio Caroline were broadcasting from the legendary ship Ross Revenge at the same time. Now I have two internet-pages with lots of stories and photographs reminiscent this event. If you have been there remember the good time you had on board and relive the exciting events. If you haven't been there find out what you have missed.

Radio Atlantis Update
Bob le Roi's latest site update has an update of his Radio Atlantis feature and photos taken during his recent forts trips

Sally set for 60k Breakthrough walk

At Roger and Fran's Annual Picnic (see below and, we met Fran's friend Sally, who is undertaking a gruelling 60k walk over the weekend of September 23rd to 25th, in aid of the Breakthrough breast cancer charity.

Sally has made her own teeshirt to wear for the event, and it displays the names of friends and loved ones who have been lost to cancer. Sally has kindly agreed to add our much-missed friend Jenni Baynton and also Irene Eaton, who died around the same time as Jenni, in the summer of 2000. The Breakthough website explains the purpose of the long walk:

It's a weekend of hope, as we honour those we've lost, celebrate the living, and help eradicate breast cancer for good. This extraordinary weekend is about finding the hero in yourself and discovering strength you never knew you had.

Sally (left, with her husband Jon) raised £160 at the Runnymede picnic and we wish her much more successful fundraising on her marathon walk.

Photo thanks to Pauline Miller

Near-sinking for Balmoral
The Balmoral came close to sinking on August 24th. The historic motor cruiser and her sister paddle-steamer Waverley, have both operated numerous day-cruises which have been enjoyed by offshore radio enthusiasts, sailing from Tower Bridge to visit the Maunsell sea forts at Red Sand and Shivering Sands.

BBC story here. Waverley and Balmoral website's history of the Balmoral here.

Thanks to Jonathan at the Pirate Radio Hall of Fame.

242 Mini-Reunion (Updated Aug 19th)

Exactly one year on from the First North American Offshore Reunion, a 242 Mini-Reunion was held in London on July 22nd.

Planning a visit to the UK from Edmonton, Canada, Ben Healy decided to try and reunite with some friends from Radio Scotland. Luckily, Bryan Vaughan, who lives in Sydney, Australia, was also in the country on business and they were joined by former Comet shipmates Richard Park and Alan Black.( l to r, Richard, Alan, Ben and Bryan).

You can enjoy SIX pages of pictures of the event (with surprise guests from other stations).

Nationwide Tour unites Joe and Marty
They've both been rocking since the 1950s and this month, Joe Brown and Marty Wilde embark on a nationwide tour together. The tour, with Joe backed by his Bruvvers and Marty by his Wildcats, commences in Dartford on September 16th and ends on December 4th at the London Palladium.

Full details of dates and venues from Flying Music.

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