Shrove BOOZEday!

Move over TV chefs! Radio London is proud to present its own radio chef, Dave 'Cuprinol Knees' Miller', who demonstrates the correct way to flip a pancake, for our discerning, gourmet audience.

Step One: Put oil in a large frying pan and heat till smoking hot. Pour in sufficient pancake batter to thinly coat the pan. Cook till bubbles appear over the surface of the pancake

Step Two: Take a large swig of alcohol. Red wine goes particularly well with a mixture of flour, eggs and milk, but you can achieve the correct wrist-action for flipping from any type of booze, including meths

Step Three: Put down your drinking glass. Quickly adopt the Universal Flipping Stance. (You should have been practising this for at least a month.) Firmly grasp the frying pan handle and move the pan upwards in a sharp, jerking movement. If executed correctly this should, in one deft movement, dislodge the pancake from the surface of the pan, flip it over and launch it skywards. This motion should be accompanied by a countdown followed by a triumphant cry of, "We have lift-off!" Carefully monitor the pancake's progress, so as to ensure you have the pan safely beneath it on its return to earth. Here, CK demonstrates the complicated double-handed manoeuvre utilised by champion tossers since the dawn of civilisation. After it has returned from its travels, cook the pancake's flip-side, and you are ready to consume it along with the rest of the alcohol. It is recommended that you leave the chore of scraping pancakes from the ceiling until Ash Wednesday.

Many thanks to CK's agent, Pauline, for supplying the photos. She tells us he still has a few bookings available in 2001 for personal appearances and demonstrations of flipping manoeuvres.
CK's great story of his busy stint as 'toilet engineer' aboard the Ross Revenge can be found here. Meanwhile, a lesson in how NOT to make pancakes, can be gleaned from the late Jenni Baynton's hilarious tale of the 'Unsinkable North Sea Pancake'!

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