This is a compilation of some of the photos taken over the brilliant weekend of Saturday 6th (Big Band Show, Leicester Square Theatre) and Sunday 7th, Otway the Movie Premiere and at the after-show party.

Special thanks to Joe, and Joy and her partner, who very kindly bought me coffee when I was freezing at 7am while taking photos of the Odeon being revamped for the film. Unfortunately, I did not encounter them again that day amongst the hundreds of Producers in order to reciprocate the gesture.

I have indicated underneath the pictures who took them – me (MP) husband Chris (CP) or our friend Tony.

Tony, who was with us at the premiere and appeared on Ch 4 news walking down the red carpet, (with Chris just behind him) and me and Moosie behind Chris and completely out of sight has come up with a great idea. "Maybe we can start a craze amongst the fans for the zaniest places to photograph your Otway mask." I'll definitely be taking a few photos of the Sacred Mask of Ot (SMOO) in unusual places.

Mary Payne, October 2012

Pictures are the copyright of the photographers, as indicated.

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The World Premiere Weekend – Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th October, 2012