July 2001

'Hello dear!' It's Stewpot's Lover

Peter Clarke writes:

Hi Mary,
I have been trying to track down the song Lover by Buddy Merrell which Stewpot used to use for his signature tune in his Radio London days. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Best wishes for the RSL, Peter

Normally, we would have put this request in the Swop Shop, but we are able to offer a bit of assistance, which may be of interest to others.

A US company called CD BBQ has a huge list of albums for sale by Buddy Merrill. It can be viewed via the following URL: www.cd-choice.com/web_store.cgi?keywords=Buddy+Merrill

We've suggested that Peter enquires of the company which of the albums features that elusive track. If he finds it, we'll share the info with the Radio London audience.

PY on London Live again this week!

On Sunday, 29th July, Peter Young will be sitting-in for The Rankin' Miss P between 1100pm and 0200am on London Live, 94.9FM. Delighted to receive many complimentary phone calls during his July 22nd show, PY promises to once again be "mashin' it 'n' flashin' it rub-a-dub stylee" before he retires for a quick rub-down with a copy of the Radio Times.

In the immortal words of Bo Dudley: "We're going to groove it the whole night long, baby, yeah!" You can listen to the show on the Net via the website: www.bbc.co.uk/londonlive/

Pen on the Move

Radio London would like to say "Thanks and good luck" to Penaran Higgs, who kindly supplied the superb prizes for Big L 2001. Pen, who is is leaving his job as Promotions and Marketing man at Backbeat Books at the end of July, writes:

My new post is as press and publicity officer for the TV/DVD department at Eagle Rock. Eagle Rock specialises in the recording and selling of video rights to pop and rock concerts and events. There is also a record label Eagle Records

"I fell off my ladder!" says John from Manchester

The Yeoman Rose: home of Big L '97. Photo courtesy of Peter Herring

Hi! John here from Manchester.

Great site, great radio station! Just to tell you that I have been working for the Manchester Ship Canal Company.

Yesterday, (July 20th) as I was wiring up the wharf lighting, lo and behold, the Yeoman Rose came into view - causing me to fall off my ladder!

She is now known as the Gina 'D' and transports grain from Liverpool to Manchester for Rank Hovis.

Keep up the good work. I will be back in Walton later this year.

Yours, A Radio Caroline North fan, John

'Otway Hit Squad' T-shirts already a HIT!

The moment our new Otway Hit Squad T-shirts arrived, Chris and I put them to good use. I was walking about High Wycombe in mine on Tuesday 10th, and noticed a lot of people reading it. Chris's was spotted on Thursday by Derek Pike, who informed Chris that he used to go to school with Otway!

Patsy Andrews, leader of the e-group to co-ordinate the efforts to get Aylesbury's hero another hit in 2002, was highly impressed!

"Really thrilled that you have already worn the t-shirt out ! I've just said that there will be a prize for the first person to wear one at a gig. There will have to now be another for the first person who walked the streets (you know what I mean ;-)) in one!"

Patsy is very kindly donating an item of Otway memorabilia as my prize. What a shame Chris and I don't have a digital camera, or a photograph of us wearing the T-shirts would be accompanying this item. Never mind. It may happen yet!

Anyone who would like to know more about the 'Hit in 2002' Campaign look here. If you are interested in joining and buying one of these stylish T-shirts, (black with white lettering) knee-mail Patsy on Patsy@elvis.com

Remembering Jenni

July 15th sees the first anniversary of the loss of a great friend from the Big L family, Jenni Baynton. Mary and Pauline have compiled their own first anniversary tribute page, but anyone else who would like to send a personal happy memory of Jenni and her great sense of humour is welcome to do so. You can read earlier tributes to Jenni here.

Just Wild About Electrical Bananas!

David 'Digger' Barnes's site Sixties British Pop Culture is excellent, offering plenty to enjoy including star interviews and an A-Z of groups. In the Music Trivia section, there's an interesting story about Donovan's bizarre lyrics to 'Mellow Yellow' I'd previously heard that, the song, being recorded at a time when some people would do almost anything to get high, concerned a rumour (unfounded) that it was possible to achieve this by rolling up banana skins and smoking them! Digger's explanation, which I will leave you to investigate for yourself, is more amusing and perhaps more plausible! www.sixtiespop.com

Are you out there, Kelvin Holt?

Roger Bonner writes:

At school in Surrey in the 60s I, along with many others, lived for listening to the pirates especially a good friend Kelvin Holt who I lost touch with many years ago. I am sure he must visit yours and other radio sites. Any suggestions how I may leave a message somewhere on the Internet to try and contact him - a guest book for instance?

Best regards and keep up the good work, Roger Bonner

Radio London has successfully put friends in touch in the past, so we may be lucky in finding Kelvin. We have suggested to Roger that he visit some of the sites on our Links page and sign the guest books and also visit the chat room on the Sixties British Pop Culture site mentioned above. If we eventually get a lot of similar requests, Radio London might consider starting a separate 'lost friends' page.

One Subject, One Link

Bob LeRoi has updated his One Subject One Link, and he promises that coming soon on the site will be a scrap book containing more historic, current, and personal pictures along with fresh audio. www.bobleroi.co.uk

Radio Wails

We at Radio London felt it was in the public interest to draw Internet listeners' attention to Bagpipe World Radio www.bagpipeworldradio.cjb.net described as : "Probably the first radio station of any kind dedicated to the diffusion of the Great Highland Bagpipe 24 hours a day."

All in the Hall

Jonathan's July update to the Pirate Radio Hall of Fame includes a new entry made with the assistance of Radio London. Ted King was the host of Radio Atlanta's Breakfast Club. After the Caroline and Atlanta merger, Ted worked for BFBS until his retirement in 1988. Chris was able to assist Jonathan to obtain contact details for Ted via the BFBS archivist. Also in the July update, is a lovely photo taken aboard the Caroline North ship.

International info concerning the Cheeta II

Per Alarud in Sweden has added a PS to the Paul de Haan item about the Cheeta II, featured in June's Happenings.

"The tape recorders in the photo of Rosko are Danish brand Lyrec and these are featured on several pictures on my home page: http://home.swipnet.se/offshoreradio/radiosyd/1964/1964.htm"

Farewell to another friend

Chris and Mary were very sad to learn that one of Radio London's most loyal supporters, Geoff Killick, had passed away on April 3rd, 2001. Geoff appears on the site with his life-long friend, David Skeates, in David's story of their adventure on August 14th 1967, when they went to Liverpool Street station to join the throngs welcoming the Big L jocks from Harwich. In August 1997, I (Mary) spent a very enjoyable afternoon in a pub in Walton with David and Geoff, whose love of Radio London absolutely shone. Sadly we were never to meet again, but I shall always remember that day. Thank you for sharing that afternoon with me, Geoff.
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