January 2005 (December 2004 is here...)
The Oldies Project
"Tired of hearing the same oldies over and over again? If so, you've come to the right place!"

So says the OldiesProject website, of its audio stream. To continue quoting from the site:

"The OldiesProject is a collective effort by a select group of oldies collectors who have been digging deep into their archives to compile a remarkable playlist of oldies, which hopefully will bring back memories and put a smile on your face.

The OldiesProject stream plays 24/7 non-stop classic songs from the sixties and seventies, most of which have been long forgotten or are simply ignored by radio stations and DJs worldwide. Looking beyond merely the American and European charts, OldiesProject also offers you original versions of famous songs, typical Radio London hits and Northern Soul classics. No fuzz or format and devoid of all pretence, just oldies... enjoy!

After working for months to get the project the way we want it, the day has finally come to bring the stream on line and present to you the results of our labor of love. We hope you like it as much as we do. Tune in with your favorite player, listen and let us know what you think. As it is an ongoing project we will be adding more songs as we go along and also introduce special features."

Having worked with the OldiesProject team during the months of testing and fine-tuning, Chris and I are very impressed by the huge range of music, which blends together so successfully. We think you will be love ittoo, but we should warn you that the OldiesProject stream is compulsive listening!

Congratulations from Radio London to everyone involved in the extremely hard-working team on a most successful project.
Radio London's 40th Birthday – audio clips now available!
Fab 40 maestro Fab Alan Field, John 'Purpleknees' Edward and wife Sue
Jonathan Myer, from the Pirate Radio Hall of Fame, Chris and Mary

A small, but perfectly-formed group met in London to toast Radio London's 40th birthday. (Notice how well our Big L baseball shirts go with santa hats!) Although the date was too close to Christmas for most people to be able to join us, we were very pleased to see original Big L jock, John Edward, now to be heard on the Oldies Project (see feature above).

Mary was up early to be interviewed by Graham Barnard at 7.20 on the BBC Norfolk Breakfast Show, and she attempted to explain to listeners the huge impact that Radio London had made both on British radio and on its listeners. Norm St John speaking from Brisbane, represented the Big L DJs and Steve Burnham, calling from Norwich, and a couple of other locals, explained how much Radio London meant to its listeners. By popular demand, a recording of the interview is now available, by kind permission of David Clayton at BBC Norfolk.
It is in three segments and is provided at a data rate accessible to those without broadband facilities.
Listen or download three clips from the programme: Mary; Norm St John; Steve Burnham

Pics, clips and memorabilia
There's a big New Year update for the Pirate Radio Hall of Fame.

In a Radio City exclusive, Reg and Dorothy Calvert's daughter Susan has opened her photo album to share a great collection of family pictures, including shots of that scary winching device that was used to hoist people aboard the forts!

From Caroline North, there's the order of service for Mick Luvzit's wedding, a membership card for Jerry 'Soopa' Leighton's Yawn Patrol and a Countdown of Sound from September 1966.

And from Radio 390 there are new audio clips of Peter James and Mark Hammerton.
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