"Hello Frank!" - "Hello dear!"

The Radio London website assists Stewpot at the Beeb!

Those of our viewers who heard Frank Ifield being interviewed on Stewpot's BBC Radio Two show of Sunday 14th May 2000, will not be aware that the Radio London website was instrumental in linking Stewpot to Frank.

John Preston (from the Australian branch of the Big L family) alerted us to the fact that he had seen a TV news item concerning the unfortunate predicament of Graham 'Spider' Webb. I immediately thought that many of Graham's old colleagues might like to send him messages of support, but as far as we were aware, Spider was not on the worldwide web. However, our friend Pauline Halford is Frank Ifield's biographer and Frank is an old pal of Graham's. We figured that if people e-mailed me, I could forward their messages to Pauline and she could fax them to Frank, who would pass them on to Graham! Somewhat convoluted, but it would be nice for Graham to know that friends were thinking of him. I sent a generic e-mail to all ex-offshore personnel who might have known Graham, and explained that messages would be forwarded to him via Frank Ifield. Fortunately, in the meantime, intrepid detective John Preston tracked Spider down, and discovered that he was on the web after all. Some of the good wishes that I was able to forward are included on Graham's own Radio London Webb Page.

One of the recipients of my generic message was Ed Stewpot. Soon afterwards, I received an e-mail from Stewpot's broadcast assistant, Lynne Holden, asking if I could help her get in touch with Frank, as Ed wanted to chat to him on the programme. I e-mailed Pauline, she faxed Frank, and eventually, an interview was arranged.

Radio London to the (international) rescue again!

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