February 2001

Stoke Mandeville Hospital Radio, which Chris and Mary played a big part in setting up in 1978, have had their AM transmitter and processor stolen. They are a Radica AM50 50 Watt AM transmitter, (serial no. R018) and an Inovonics 222-02 AM Audio Processor, (serial no. 1559). The crystal in the transmitter is for 1575kHz. Anyone being offered these should contact the station on 01296 33 1575 or Aylesbury Police Station on 01296 396 000.

Other hospital radio stations have reported sightings of suspicious characters, so it appears all stations should ensure their security precautions are up to scratch.

The Isle of Man being the original home of Radio Caroline North, to remember 3rd March 1968, Manx Radio are broadcasting an offshore radio special on Saturday 3rd March from 1000 to 1200 GMT. Radio Caroline/RNI's Dave West had a hand in the production of this programme. Their on-air output can be heard here. Their site is at www.manxradio.com.

Original Radio London Texan backer, Tom Danaher, has lost the address of Radio 390's Ted Allbeury. We would be very grateful to anyone who can supply contact details for Ted, which will be passed on to Tom.

Following January's story on Johnny Young, a lady called Helen was kind enough to send me Johnny's knee-mail address at Curtin Radio.

Helen wrote:

I live here in Perth – great life, lots of SUN!!! Curtin Radio is owned and run by Curtin University and Johnny Young has the early morning slot 5am-9am.
Love your site and all the news about the 60s. Whatever happened to Cliff Bennett? Is he still singing? I was a big fan in the 60s.

I'm pleased to report that Cliff Bennett is still going strong and is in very good voice. He performed at the Brighton Sixties Festival both in 1999 and 2000, and was a knockout. Apart from the Drifters, he was the only real soul element to the weekend last year, amongst a crowd of pop artists. The pop stuff was fine, but we could have done with a lot more soul.

Tucked away in a corner of the January issue of American Keyboard magazine is an item about the man who arguably really IS the father of Rock and Roll:

Johnnie "B. Goode" gets his day in court
Pianist/composer Johnnie Johnson who collaborated with Chuck Berry to compose "Roll Over Beethoven", "Rock and Roll Music" and "Sweet Little Sixteen" among numerous others, filed a lawsuit in St. Louis Federal District Court. The suit seeks Johnson's rightful share of the money earned by the songs he co-wrote with Berry, which had immeasurable influence on the likes of Elvis, the Beatles, Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis, and arguably defined early rock 'n' roll.

Berry has enjoyed the fruits of the songwriting partnership for decades while Johnson walked the poverty line. Berry has refused to publicly recognize Johnson's role in the composition of the songs and has never paid Johnson any of the royalties resulting from their collaboration. According to the source, Johnson recently approached Berry in an effort to avoid litigation, but Berry again refused to discuss the matter.

A small bit of digging on the Internet finds Keith Richards of the Stones, speaking in a 1987 documentary, revealing that, "Chuck Berry just walked in on Johnnie's band in a little club in East St. Louis one day and took it over, you know." He goes on to say about Berry's, "...snagging a fair share of musical ideas from his sideman without giving Johnson songwriting credits. [Johnson] ain't copying Chuck's riffs on piano," Richards mumbles. "Chuck adapted them to guitar and put those great lyrics behind them. But without somebody to give him those riffs, voila!, no song, just a lot of words on paper." More here...

Since the early nineties, millionaire George Turek has mounted an incredible fight for Johnnie Johnson's well-deserved recognition – to be accepted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It's a heart-breaking and heart-warming story. George says, "This is personal to me because I know Johnnie is so humble; he'd never fight back. I could give him the money I've spent on this cause, but then he'd have money, but he wouldn't have the recognition. I want him to have both the money he needs and the recognition he deserves." More here...

Last, but by no means least, try www.johnnie.com! Although the site is undergoing big changes, there's more background to the whole issue and although we shouldn't be surprised, luminaries in the music industry agree that Johnnie's contribution to rock 'n' roll can not be under-estimated.

New Doors Open!
Doors keyboardist Ray Manzarek and the remaining members of the band have begun distributing archival Doors material exclusively on the Internet through their recently-formed company, Bright Midnight. The first batch includes No One Here Gets Out Alive, a radio documentary first broadcast in 1980. You can listen to audio files or buy the collections at www.thedoors.com.


Colin Lamb reports on the terrific collection of sounds he has amassed for the RNI RSL and Hans Knot has updated his Soundcsapes RNI segment.

Colin says:

We're still very much putting the music together at the moment. We have tracked down three of the four 'Super Hit 50' charts that we need. Then it is a case of tracking down the records!

However, I already have much more music than for the first two RNI RSLs. Over 600 LPs now (mainly all 1970-74, a few 60s). Over 450 'hitbound sounds' i.e. non-hits 1970-74. I have all but about 50 records that made the Top 75 1970-74, getting on for 90-95% of all 60s hits, plus now thanks to my contact in the Netherlands, somewhere around 300 'Nederpop' hits/RNI Classics, so I think the biggest problem will be, can we play it all?

I'll keep you updated as the broadcast approaches.


Hans says:

We've added two new pages to our RNI memories

Go and see them on www.icce.rug.nl/~soundscapes

More to follow soon!

TTS-Mediapro reports:

Former Laser 558 star, Jessie Brandon, can now be heard again in Europe as news presenter (live from the USA) on pan-European Gay radio station LBH Radio. The station, officially launched on February 14th, can be heard 24 hours a day 7 days a week now on the internet and on Sky Digital as well as 1386kHz from 2100 GMT. The transmitter is situated in Russia with programmes originating from studios in Essex, UK.
LBH Radio will also be transmitting 'Knightsbridge', the industry's first radio soap opera for many years. With its gay story line, the programme will air Monday to Friday with an omnibus edition at the weekend.

BBC 2 Television are reported to be making a 'fly on the wall' documentary on the birth of LBH Radio, aka The Scene. This will be our chance to see Ray Anderson MINUS his trademark moustache!

Wilfred Kozub says:

Hello Radio London,

Please check out Wilfred N and the Grown Men, a studio music project from Canada, on www.mp3.com
Feel free to download any of our interesting music that you please.
Thanks, Wilf

Unfortunately, Chris and I rarely have the time to download and check out music files, but we would welcome a report on the sounds of Wilfred N and the Grown Men from anyone else who would care to do so.

Radio London – bringing on back the good times!

Hi Folks

Just wanted to say what a great site! Many thanks to all concerned for bringing back all those memories of Big L and Caroline plus all the other stations.

I remember so well listening to Caroline North as she sailed along the south coast to the IoM.

The signal used to come in loud and strong in Southampton (!!) first thing in the morning even after she had reached the north. The late and early show with Jerry Leighton.... so many memories of lost youth!!!

Again my thanks, Brian Mentor

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