December 2000

Ex-Caroline DJ Andy Cadier has been in touch!

Here's a pic of me in local hospital radio, old habits die hard. Since the picture was taken, the studio has had a major facelift with a brand new bigger mixing desk and the repositioning of MD and CD machines. We did an RSL to raise cash for the improvements..... all ready for the politicians and NHS to close the place down. Who knows!

We have a website at

Regards to all in the Big L listening land.

PS Yesterday I heard Tony Blackburn on Capital Gold talking to a guy on a phone-in mentioning Caroline and Radio London. I am sure I felt my sitting room floor rise and fall with the gentle swell of the sea...that's the power of 50kW of undiluted nostalgia!

All the very best

Is that a turntable we see lurking in the foreground? Hooray!

MusicMann 279 gets first listener

The new longwave radio station based in the Isle of Man was pleased to receive from a listener in Germany, a request for a QSL card. These are sent from stations to listeners who can prove they have received programmes at a distance not usually or intended to be covered by the transmission, although it has to be said that MusicMann 279 is intended to reach parts of Germany.

The writer said, "I listened from time to time to your programm at 279 kHz and I was happy to receive your station. This is always very interesting."

Interesting it is. The station is still waiting for planning permission for the transmitter site! Isle of Man International Broadcasting (IOMIB) is the company who will be running the station when it's on the air. CEO, Paul Rusling said, "What an amazing radio this guy has! Anyone buy me one for Christmas????"

An engineer from Stoke Mandeville, Ray Cathode, when consulted on the matter said, "It must be one of those new-fangled transistor models. Digital I expect. It could also be that the radio waves from a station previously on that frequency are being reflected back from a parabolic galaxy."

More news later...

Thanks to Colin Lamb for sending us a copy of Issue Two of the RNI Fanclub Magazine, with the glamorous Phill Mitchell gracing the front cover. Features include an update on restoration work to LV18 aka Kneebo III, by Clive Boutell. The RNI website is at and Colin would be delighted to recruit some new club members.

Photographer Martin Alberts from Holland has alerted us to his photos of the Everly Brothers at Included on Martin's site are links to other sites devoted to Don and Phil.

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