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The 35th Anniversary Offshore Reunion pictures have been added to the site. View them here.
Jim Murphy, March 1940 – June 2000
'Murph the Surf' – another sad loss to radio

In the aftermath of the 35th Anniversary Offshore Reunion, David Williams from Caroline North launched his own search for a missing friend and sent the following sad news:

"What a fantastic weekend we have just had. Meeting everybody again after 35 years was an occasion to be treasured.

There was much speculation last weekend about some absent friends, and one name that was constantly mentioned was Jim Murphy. Nobody had heard anything from Jim for at least two years, although he had been in contact with several of us in 1998.

I made a brief search this morning and discovered that sadly, it would appear that Jim died in June 2000. No further information is currently available, but I know when I talked to him in 1998 that he was incapacitated with some long-standing illness contracted when serving in Vietnam.

Most of the offshore jocks probably knew Jim. He was an eccentric (who else can claim a world record for sitting on top of a pole!) and I have fond memories of him. I particularly remember being fog-bound at Blackpool airport while trying to get back to the Isle of Man for Mick Luvzit's wedding (we made it with minutes to spare).

David Williams

RIP Kenny Page
Several people have sent us the sad news of the death of Kenny Page. Hans Knot writes:
Kenny started his radio career on Radio Clyde in 1974, an ILR station in Scotland. In 1976 he went to international waters to work for Radio Caroline on the MV Mi Amigo. Next year he went down south to Israel and again the international waters was his aim. Working for Abe NathanŐs Voice of Peace was his dream. He worked there for two long periods to come back to Scotland in the early eighties. During the last years he was very popular with a variety of programs on Radio Tay.

Mike Brand writes from Israel:

I remember Kenny very well, and his special brand of humour which he adapted to the Israeli market. He always knew what was going on here, and he even spoke a bit of Hebrew on his shows ! A great DJ, a true professional!

May he rest in peace

Hall of Fame Suffers Short Break in Transmission
Jonathan from The Pirate Radio Hall of Fame has unfortunately suffered the tragedy of his PC 'running aground' on him.

I usually update the Hall of Fame each month but I have had a major technical hitch recently. A hard disc crashed, wiping out hours of work. I am planning to replace my antiquated PC but, to allow time to do this, I need a short break from the site. So I am taking a month off. The next update to the Hall of Fame will therefore be at the end of September.

Among the goodies this month: Radio London engineer Dave Hawkins opens his photo album, a Radio Caroline North favourite returns to the UK airwaves, we hear about plans for a short BBC film about Radio 270, there are three more chapters from Tom Lodge's ongoing Radio Caroline story and we think we might have discovered the elusive Kilroy (as heard briefly on Caroline South back in the summer of 1967). There are more names added to the roll of honour, more audio clips (there are now around 200 of them), more links...... in fact, more of everything of an anorak nature.

In the meantime, please don't stop sending me any contributions.....

The Knees Club Founder and Club Official 381 have now inspected the photographs from Dave Hawkins' photo album, and are most impressed by the pic of John Peel's knees. A photo worthy of a caption competition, if ever we saw one!

News from Holland
Hans Knot informs us that Radio Caroline Holland will be dropped from the cable networks of Essent next year, in favour of Radio 192. The reason given is that there are too many English-language programmes on the Dutch service.

It's already well known that the 'other' Radio Caroline is testing on World Space satellite, and Hans reports that the best receiver for this purpose is manufactured by Hitachi. However, apparently, the Dutch import company for Hitachi knows nothing about this receiver and has none of them in stock, which would appear to greatly reduce Caroline's chances of attracting masses of Dutch listeners.

Hans spotted that a recent World Space and Caroline press report contained an enormous blunder, when it stated that Radio Caroline was first anchored in the Irish Sea! Of course it was of the East Coast of England, near Harwich.

Hans has also very kindly sent us a terrific collection of exclusive 208 photographs, which will be appearing on the site at the earliest opportunity.

Court backlog delays new LW station

The Isle of Man's long wave radio project received a huge setback on Friday in the High Court when a request for judicial review was further adjourned to a hearing in January 2003. The Petition is being brought by a local parish council who are objecting to the Isle of Man Government's decision to allow the radio station to build an offshore transmission platform. The hearing might take three days and the first opportunity for this would be next January.

Until the legal process is completed, the transmission facility cannot be built, even though the company is not the defendant in the case.

"We are both astonished and bitterly disappointed that after so many delays due to circumstances beyond our control, the project should again be delayed by a simple request for a judicial review," said project founder Paul Rusling. "We hope that a more rapid solution can be found." he continued.

"There is still considerable interest in the station and in Long Wave generally, with several established media operators keen to become involved."

IMIB was formed in the mid 1990s to establish an international radio station on the Island, covering the UK, Ireland and other European countries.

It was awarded a provisional licence at Easter 1999, conditional upon obtaining any necessary planning consents for its facilities. In September 2000 a Special Inquiry was held into the proposal to build a 27 metre high antenna at Cranstal near the Point of Ayre. The Planning Inspector rejected the proposals on just two grounds - that it breached the 1982 Structure Plan, which prohibits development near the coast, and that it could be visually intrusive.

Last year IMIB obtained approval in principle from the Department of Transport for a transmission facility to be built several miles offshore, to avoid residents' concerns. Local objectors have turned their attentions to the Department of Transport, and are seeking to have the planning approval for the platform overturned or referred to a Public Inquiry.
Broadcasting 'Live' in the UK after 35 Years!
Caroline North DJ Mick Luvzit, was kind enough to record some messages for Big L 2001. Now Mick will be heard live in the UK for the first time in 35 years, when he co-hosts Belfast station Citybeat's Caroline Revival Show with Kenny Tosh on Sunday, August 18th. The show can also be heard via the Internet.
Dave finds his Knees at last!
David Warren contacted us a few months back, seeking assistance in finding a copy of Kenny and Cash's single, Knees.

David was aware that Dave Cash had lost his original copy of the 1965 decca single, and he wanted to obtain a replacement to have framed, so he could present it to Dave for his forthcoming 60th birthday. Fortunately, it proved fairly easy to find a copy and Mary wrote a short piece about the single's significance to the Knees Club, which was framed alongside the record. David reports:

My son, Craig, and I went down to the Radio Kent studios a week or so back and presented Mr Cash with his belated birthday pressie. He seemed quite taken aback that someone would go to the trouble of bothering. Anyway, he was over the moon at getting back a 'treasured' copy of Knees.

As I promised you, I took about 3 or 4 photos of Craig handing over the framed record (complete with your letter) to Dave sitting at the controls in the RK studio. When I get the film developed I will get them scanned and e-mail copies to you for your website. Dave gives his blessing for that.

The Webmasters were very pleased to know the presentation had made Dave's day. It was probably the best 60th birthday present he received, (certainly the most unusual) and all thanks to David and Craig's thoughtfulness.

Thanks, Big L – dreams do come true! A heart-warming tale arrived from Ron Murch:

Having listened to Big L for most of its life, I started a mobile disco in 1967 which I ran until about 1985.

I had always wanted to be a radio DJ but did not manage to convince the Beeb, or any of the later ILR stations, that I was worthy.

BUT in 1982, I moved to Milton Keynes, where we have an excellent cable radio station called, surprisingly Cable Radio Milton Keynes. The station is staffed by volunteers (yup, no wages!)

Sadly my full-time work commitments and my recent marriage prevented me from getting involved with them, and I thought my dream had died.

However, last year, I was convinced by my employer to provide disco entertainment for three special functions, and the bug bit again. I contacted CRMK and began a presenter and technical course just after Christmas.

Now 35 years on and fully trained, I am being let loose on a live broadcast on Sunday 11th August, where I will be hosting another presenter's show whilst he is on holiday. If all goes well, I get my own show at the end of August.

I had not realised the importance of the date, It is the closest Sunday to the anniversary of Big L's closedown! As the show is Sixties oriented, I am intending to include several references to my favourite station, including a rundown of the final Fab 40 and as many of the records I can pull from my own collection, as a tribute to the inspiration Radio London gave me.

Cable Radio Milton Keynes is available to anyone in Milton Keynes on the NTL Cable relay. All they need to do is connect their radio to the FM socket on the wall and tune in to 89.8FM. My first show is on Sunday 11th August 2002 from 2-4pm and is called Sixties Scene.

We hope the show proves a great success for you, Ron.
"If it's an offshore radio theme, you'll find it here!" The Offshore Radio Themes website has just been updated, with much new information on themes used by deejays, offshore radio stations, shows, tributes and promotions.

Nearly all the offshore deejays, now have audio samples of their themes, and more than 100 audio clips of offshore themes have been added.

New Site
Mike Brand in Israel has sent a link to details of his new site
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