March 28th 2014: Two Birthday Celebrations

On March 28th, a small group of friends gathered on the Tattershall Castle on the Thames to celebrate
both Caroline's birthday – the start of UK offshore radio – and the 15th birthday of the Radio London website.
Clockwise from left, Penny Bowskill, Alan Hardy, Bud Ballou, Tony Lawther, Mary,
Ray Reynolds, John Sales, 'Fab' Alan Field, Chris, Guy Hamilton, George Hare

Cousin Moosie brought the Radio Day Award to show his friends.
Guy's wife Roma sent him a new moose girlfriend, Elkie
Four renegades, and one moose! Penny is a 'pirate by proxy', representing her late husband Jason Wolfe. Jason and Bud were also 'onshore pirates' on Radio Free London.
We all loved George's sweater - although sometimes the 'p' disappears under his arm and he advertises 'Irate Radio'!
Mary and Bud share a joke

The joint birthday cake: designed by Mary, produced by Londoncakes
Close-up of the cake – so nice we didn't want to cut it - but it tasted great!
The cutlass was too blunt...
... so Moosie fetched a knife
Ready to tuck in.

We'd like to thank Sabrina and the staff of the Tattershall Castle for being so accommodating
to a bunch of pirates (and moose) and for giving us great service.

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