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A village called KNEESWORTH
Guy Hamilton took a map collection to Cambridge University Library recently and took the opportunity to explore the local villages afterwards.

He says:
"I thought you'd like to know that sandwiches were eaten and relief was taken in none other than Kneesworth. Really!
Proof attached. I also loved the seasonal postbox near there." 

Busy 'Retirement'
Cardboard Shoes, Keith Skues officially retired after presenting the 500th edition of his late-night BBC Norfolk programme, 'Skues Me', on September 27th. However, we thought it wouldn't be long before Keith reappeared on the airwaves and he is presenting several programmes over the festive period.

Keith returned to Radio Norfolk (and other local stations) for three hours from 2200 on Christmas Eve to 0100 Christmas Day.

It's proving a busy retirement, as a pre-recorded Cardboard show aired on Tony Currie's Radio Six International on Christmas Day 1100 to noon. Details are on the Radio Six website, where the latest edition of Radio News has a short feature on the man himself.

On Dec 28th, Keith was back on Radio Norfolk between 1500 and 1800. (Thanks to Mike Barraclough)

(Above) After his final show, Keith was presented with a certificate commemorating his long service to the BBC signed by Director General Tim Davie. Photo: BBC Norfolk

The October edition of Norfolk Life magazine has a great feature about Keith on pages P36 - 39. (For Status Quo fans, the magazine also carries an interview with Francis Rossi)

Even BBC News has a story about the Cardboard Retirement.

Paul escapes to the Forts
During Paul O'Grady's Great British Escape on ITV1, Wednesday 16th December 2000 - 2030, the Kent resident visited the Red Sands Sea Forts on a flat-calm day.

Unfortunately, the forts' wartime history was covered only briefly and their radio history was not covered at all.

(Thanks to John Sales)

'Popcorn to Rock 'n' Roll'
Susan Moore has used her Lockdown time to update her book 'Popcorn to Rock 'n' Roll' about her entrepreneurial father Reg Calvert.


A name-change to 'Knees'?
Kees Brinkerink (who is considering changing his name by deed-poll to 'Knees' in honour of The Knees Club) has sent the following information about the Tunes Project on

Part 8 of the Tunes Project was postponed, but will now be broadcast this Friday, November 27th, 19:00-21:00 UK time on Starting from this episode, Kees Brinkerink takes over the presentation.

The first hour will be dedicated to Radio Caroline South and International, with tunes that we have not yet featured and many signature tunes from around and after August 14th, 1967.

In the second hour, you will hear many dj tunes from the last few months of Radio London, plus some older ones. We are also featuring songs that were used for promos, commercials and/or jingles.
Part 8 Production: Frank van Heerde and Kees Brinkerink; Presentation: Kees Brinkerink; Engineering: Jaap Lensen

The New Stonewashed Chart
Ray Robinson of the Azanorak download site has very kindly shared a Caroline chart from 1967.
Pierson Family in dispute with Kanye West
Rapper Kanye West is claiming that the president of Haiti has given him an island to develop.
"That's just outrageous," Grey Pierson told the Miami Herald. Grey's entrepreneur father Don, as well as launching Radio London and Radio England/Britain Radio, had done a few other business deals. In one of them, Don had negotiated a 99-year lease with the Haitian government of Île de la Tortu,
the island that the rapper is now claiming has been given to him.

Skues goes, but Ray's back!
Ray Clark is returning to BBC Essex. He says, "Because of Covid the regular BBC local radio programme schedule is out of the window. However, they've given me a couple of hours every Sunday evening to present a show of 'various stuff'... so, I'm playing various recordings and interviews from my archive and some favourite tunes. To be honest, I am enjoying it far more than the normal 'call me' pleas! Anyway, as you know, this Sunday (27 Sept) sees the last Skues Me show, so I will feature an interview with him this week. It covers how he started with British Forces and how Brian Mathew called him 'a first rate bingo caller', when he took over Saturday Club!"

Sunday evening 1800-2000pm BBC Essex

"Then, just for the fun of it, I find myself running a radio station! if only I could learn that word N-N-N-N-NO! "

Ray added, "We invite anyone who lives or works in the Maldon District with an interest in broadcasting, who would like the chance to learn the relevant skills and join our broadcast team, to get in touch, as we are committed to encouraging new voices and talent."

Following test transmissions, Caroline Community Radio officially launched on Monday 19th October on 94.7 FM and is also online

Story from the Maldon Standard

Story from Essex TV

Mark Roman hosts a fashion show
Many Thanks to Mike Roberts, who is familiar to many as a regular contributor to the Keith Skues show and member of the Radio London Facebook group. Mike has kindly shared a link to footage that he shot with his cine camera of the Roman Emperor hosting the Goya Fashion Show at the Coventry Air Pageant on August 13th 1966. (At least Mark wasn't obliged to wear his toga on that occasion!) Mike has uploaded his clip to Onedrive (NB: it has no sound).

Mike Barraclough discovered that this was the first year that the organisers had decided to expand the pageant beyond flying displays. They intended to make the event more of a family day out, with the prospect of attracting more punters and this proved a great success. Despite bad weather, the attendance increased from 8100 the previous year to 13,600, with a loss of £450 in takings, compared to £1600 in 1965.

Mark compered the fashion show in the morning and introduced a pop show and dance from 1730 to 2030. Neither the Roman Emperor nor Radio London is mentioned in the advert and although there is no hint as to the identity of the 'pop stars and celebrities' due to appear, we know that Episode Six was on the bill.

Mike Roberts' footage ends with Mark signing autographs and introducing an unknown group at the evening show.

Mark was very pleased to see this 'blast from the past' and sent "thanks to señor Roberts"

Thanks from us to both Mikes

Three Big L DJs in Top Five
In a Daily Mail-published poll, three Radio London DJs have been placed in the top five of 'The 40 Best Radio Broadcasters of all time '. The results:

#1 Terry Wogan 25%
#2 John Peel 21%
#3 Tony Blackburn 18%
#4 Chris Evans 17%
#5 Kenny Everett 15%

Radio London is not mentioned in the feature, nor is the source of the '40 Best Radio Broadcasters' poll

'Jumbo Jimmy' Reading the TV News
Chris came across a Youtube clip of the late Guy Blackmore on Australia's Ten Eyewitness News in 1984, when he was covering a visit to Adelaide by Boy George. Guy started his offshore radio career with Radio 390 on the Redsands Fort, but was heard later on Caroline North under the name of Jumbo Jimmy Gordon. After the demise of the Sixties offshore broadcasters, Guy went into TV announcing, working for Thames (with Chris!) and at other UK stations before returning to his native Adelaide.

Penny Wolf and her late husband Jason were friends of the Blackmores and Penny is sending the link to the clip to Guy's widow Wendy.

'Bringing Motown to the Mull of Kintyre'
Jon Myer of The Pirate Radio Hall of Fame assisted journalist Sarah Wilson in locating DJs from Radio Scotland 242, including Head DJ Ben Healy, to be interviewed for a feature in The Scotsman about the station's history. The item has a large picture of Paul Young, but omits to mention his recent acting role as 'Shug' McLaughlin in the comedy series 'Still Game'.

Marking John Lennon's 80th birthday

BBC Radio Two
"In a worldwide exclusive for Radio 2, to mark what would have been John Lennon's 80th birthday, his younger son, Sean Ono Lennon interviews Julian Lennon, Paul McCartney and Elton John in two-part documentary. 'John Lennon At 80' was broadcast on Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 October. Follow the links to listen via iPlayer."

John Lennon At 80, Part 1, Saturday 3 Oct 2100 - 2200

John Lennon At 80, Part 2, 2100 - 2200

John Lennon at the BBC 1900 - 2100

"Liza Tarbuck explores the BBC's archive of John Lennon's work from his earliest days with The Beatles to his final interview recorded two days before his death in December 1980."

August 14th – fond memories of last year's gathering

August 14th 2019.
Chris started a 'Tattoo' craze by stamping Guy Hamilton and Mitch with Captain Buninga's '
mv Galaxy' rubber stamp
(Photo: Gerald Marie-Nelly)

It's sad to think that no gathering can be held to commemorate August 14th 2020, the 53rd anniversary of the day that no man will ever forget. Of course we shan't forget and we are well aware that the day will indeed be remembered by a number of dedicated fans of Radio London. Francis Pullen kindly sent the following reflection on the anniversary.

"I would never have believed that 56 years after I first heard Big L in December 1964, where every day a whole batch of new tunes would be heard and presented in a style never heard before, that it would still be such a fond and important part of my radio memories. I shall, as every year since 14th August '67, be raising a glass to toast those wonderful Big L memories.

Additionally, we are so fortunate that you and Chris set up such an amazing archive for Radio London, and for that alone I'm truly thankful.

I sincerely hope Chris is making a steady recovery, and you are managing too, Mary."


Thank you, Francis, for your contribution and kind words. It's slow progress, but we think we are getting there.



Mark Roman says:

"Thanks you two for all the work and dedication you have shown to the memory of 'LIL'."


John Ross-Barnard has come up with a brilliant idea:

"Who would have thought in 1967 that we would still be talking offshore matters? With all the Cunard and other cruise ships anchored currently in international waters off the Isle of Wight, I am advocating they become 2020 Radio Carolines and Radio Londons."


Pauline Miller:

"We'll be raising a glass at 3pm in the usual fashion and hopefully the rest of the gang will.  Dave has found Big Lil on his phone so we'll be able to play it again in the usual fashion at the appropriate time."


John Hutley:
As you say, ‘no gatherings today’, but we can all still focus on our own memories of 53 years ago today... and also remember those friends who we have sadly lost in the recent past.

See you both soon, best wishes, John


Mike Terry:
I've just seen the website update – excellent as always thank you.

It will be good to see you again, as this year's August 14 has not been enjoyable, but I guess Covid has dampened everyone's spirits.

I do hope Chris is on the mend.

Take care, Mike

Breakfast on the Galaxy
John Welton, who is the brother-in-law of the late Russell Tollerfield, has sent this terrific photo of Michel Philistin, aka Mitch the Steward, enjoying his breakfast. John writes:

"On the 53rd anniversary of Big L being switched off, I attach a photo of Mitch from Russell's collection. Mitch must have been one of the longest serving members on the Galaxy, having travelled on the vessel from Haiti.
It's a very sad day for radio, but the stations and their personnel are not and never will be forgotten.
Best wishes, John Whelton, Bristol"

The 'Caroline North Coffee House'
"Who doesn't rate this fab coffee house, occupying a historic building on Lord street that was once head office for Radio Caroline pirate radio station!"
The Guide, Liverpool

Happy Birthday, Cousin Moosie
Our Superstar friend Cousin Moosie celebrates his 16th birthday on Sunday, July 19th. Moosie was adopted by Mary when she attended the First North American Offshore Reunion in Vancouver, in 2004 - which unfortunately also proved to be the last North American Offshore Reunion. Moosie has since travelled the world with his band and of course with Mary and Chris, becoming a Superstar whose achievements include playing Liverpool's Cavern Club and starring in John Otway's movie.

(Left: Moosie made a personal appearance at the Amsterdam Radio Day in 2014)

News Stories in Brief
A local news feature (with a terrible photo) about Heatwave, a band produced by Big L's John Edward.

John Lennon statue tour proposed to mark October 9th, the date that would have been John's 80th birthday.

Another feature about 'Shark-infested' Sealand!
American Author Dylan Taylor-Lehman was interviewed by Vick Mickunus for The Book Nook programme on WSYO, about his forthcoming book, Sealand The True Story of the World's Most Stubborn Micronation and his visit to the country on a fort. The book is due for release on September 3rd, in Hardcover but is available to order now. it already has some American reviews, one of which reads:

'The description on the back of the book about "an isolated platform in shark-infested waters" made me wonder a bit since there was no mention of a single shark.'

Seeing as Prince Michael's own book Holding the Fort, received very positive reviews, is there really room for another book on the subject?

(If sharks really have 'infested' the waters around Sealand, climate change must have accelerated much faster than anyone predicted.)

There's also a feature here on Sealand's caretakers, including of course, Mike Barrington.

'A Peculiar Nation off England's Coast' Yes, it's Sealand again. Where else? The micronation seems to scarcely ever be out of the news these days. This time it's a BBC travel feature, although travelling to Sealand is not exactly an option!

Kenny was a Vera Lynn fan
When Tony Blackburn and Kenny Everett presented a Climber Review in October 66, one of the records was the Righteous Brothers' version of 'The White Cliffs of Dover', which was Pete Drummond's climber. This prompted Kenny to say how much he liked Vera Lynn and to ask her to send him a card!

Herman got The Goat!
On Saturday June 27, Herman Content from Belgium was the 'Goat Guest DJ' on WXYG, The Goat, in Minnesota, talking to Al Neff on the subject of offshore radio including the story of Radio London's Sgt Pepper exclusive.

The station should appeal to to fans of John Peel as this is the Goat website welcome message.


If you grew up listening to underground, progressive rock, free form radio, or if you're just discovering or re-discovering the golden age of rock for the first time, we think you will be really happy that you have finally found your radio home.

We are returning to a better time when radio played all the great music - GENRES BE DAMNED!  Thousands and thousands of the greatest album rock songs ever recorded.  This is not a classic rock station where they play the same 200 songs over and over again.  This is album rock WXYG.

You will be able to listen to us over the air or you can tune in to our high quality internet stream.  Please feel free to suggest your favorite songs to us.  We will do our best to play them for you.  We welcome your suggestions and feedback.  Please let us know how we're doing.  The folks here at album rock "The Goat" who by the way are local owners and operators, hope that you love our new broadcast adventure as much as we love bringing it to you.  Now presenting a new age in broadcast radio - radio that returns the power of great music TO THE PEOPLE."

Nancy's 80th
To commemorate Fab Forty artist Nancy Sinatra's 80th birthday, Jun 8th 2020 French website ina.fra posted a 1966 clip of her singing her a cappella version of Cher's 'Bang Bang'.

Talking of Jon Myer... which we were...
Thanks to Jon for a link to a Shutterstock photo of the Radio London 'girls', i.e. the women who worked for Radio London in the Curzon Street offices. (We wish we could afford to buy the rights to post it on here.) Those posing for the picture taken by Frank Hudson are Nicola Camberlin, Brenda Cogdell, Judy Marsden, Annabel 'Annie' Gannon, Joanna Willet, Lyn Read, Jane Pile, Cheryl Griffiths and Margaret Greville.

We do occasionally hear from people wanting to get in touch with members of the Curzon Street staff, especially Brenda Cogdell and Annie Gannon, but have failed to locate any of them. In 1988, Annie was reported to have changed her surname to Lavers and was living in Wandsworth, but that was in 1988. Carolyn Crawford who worked in the Caroline offices just around the corner was Annie's best friend and would love to get in touch with her.

As always, we would be delighted to hear from any of the Big L office staff.

Pop Music on British Television
We also have Jon to thank for a link to a website dedicated to Pop Music on British Television 1955 – 1999. Particularly fascinating is the section devoted to Unseen Pilots or Non-commissioned Shows, where a number of ex-pirates were involved in projects that never came to fruition.

'Discotec' was a pilot shot for ITV in September 1965. A thirty-minute pop show hosted by Caroline DJ Simon Dee is, according to the website, widely in circulation.

'Sounds and Picture City' from May 1967. Chris Denning and Kenny Everett, by then both BBC DJs, appeared in a pilot alongside Jonathan King, with Cream as a guest band. The show, intended to be pre-recorded weekly, was described by Denning as "a satirical pop psychedelic freak-out magazine programme for the younger generation." Denning explained to Disc music paper, that the programme would be taped "as with so much happening at one time, chaos could easily break out. The pilot came off really well." Not well enough for a full series to be commissioned, apparently.

Caroline's Rick Dane also recorded a pilot for Tyne-Tees TV, intended to front a 13-week series, but it vanished without trace.

We particularly loved the following failure:

"THE MOVE BBC1 Morning Service 26th February 1967. The Move had been invited to appear on the regular Sunday morning worship show, this time broadcast from the Cathedral in Birmingham. They asked producer Barry Edge if they could cut up an effigy of the devil in church, but were refused."

Summer of Love
Offshore radio fan and former Head of BBC Radio Norfolk, David Clayton, has penned a feature for the Eastern Daily Press about his summer job in 1967 and how the pirates inspired his broadcasting career. "With my first week's pay-packet, which thrillingly held just over six quid, I bought a transistor radio that then sat on top of the ice cream fridge, tuned into the pirate radio stations."

The Wolfe name lives on!
We are very pleased to include an item of happy news. Penny Wolfe, the widow of Caroline North's Jason, has a new grandson. Penny writes:

"Some light and heart-warming news for a change. I thought you'd like to know that my son had a new baby boy on March 15th and has named him Oaken Wolfe Bowskill, which I thought was very touching. So Jason Wolfe has a grandchild who will continue the Wolfe surname, as well as Bowskill. it makes me very happy!"

Below: Penny with her Jason Wolfe Pack badge, presented to her by the late Keith Milborrow

(Clockwise from left) Chris Payne, George Saunders, John Sales, Ray Clark,
Mary Payne, John Hutley

(Left to right below): George Saunders, John Sales, Alan Field
Stephen Chesney,
Paul Rowley

Big Lil's 55th Birthday
A small gathering in London celebrated Big Lil's 55th birthday on December 23rd.

Above (Clockwise from left) : Stephen Chesney, Paul Rowley,
Tony Lawther, Mike Barraclough, Mike Terry

Cousin Moosie poses on deck with the Christmas tree.

Sale of the Last Century
"Transistor radios, which were cheekily advertised as being able to pick up Radio Luxembourg and the illegal pirate radio stations, were guaranteed for six months – and so they should have been at 59s 11d, or just under £50 at today's prices."

The Wolverhampton Express and Star has compiled a collection of 20th century advertisements.

Marvin Gaye in France
1964 : Marvin Gaye en live à la radio… - Archives vidéo et radio

Translation from French:
It was not until 1965, with the release of his album 'How Sweet It Is To Be Loved by You', that success came for Marvin Gaye. The previous year, the artist had made a quick trip to Paris.

It's November 10, 1964 and the soul singer, still unknown in France, participates in a live recording of the radio show 'Paris sur scène' (Paris on Stage), for broadcast on November 14. The programme is hosted by Georges de Caunes, who presents Marvin as "the most glorious, the newest of American singers." He adds, "He has just created a completely new style. A style assimilating rhythm'and blues. This way of singing has never been heard in France."

Marvin Gaye greeted the audience in French and performed 'Can I get a Witness'. After announcing his second title, in English, he sings his version of 'Pride and Joy'.

More French Motown archives

Dec 6th 1965 – 'Britain's Pirates may weigh anchor soon'
Hans Knot has kindly sent a newspaper clipping on December 6th 1965 regarding the prospect of land-based commercial radio in the UK, which of course did not actually happen until 1973. The item was published in Toledo Blade, an American daily newspaper based in Toledo, Ohio
(Click on the feature to enlarge)

Wartime Forts Action
Business Advisor, Singapore, has published a feature with some very good WWII photos of the Maunsell Sea Forts.

Talking of forts... which we were... The Telegraph published a feature about the possible post-Brexit fate of Sealand.

1968 – les Who font swinguer Paris!
A French TV performance of 'I'm a Boy' from The Who.

Theme from The Roman Empire
The Tunes Project is an occasional series broadcast on 192 Radio from the Netherlands. The show is presented by Frank van Heerde, with additional research and production from Kees Brinkerink who was previously associated with the Oldies Project.
Featured tracks typically include theme tunes adopted on the radio for particular programmes, or by individual dj's, as well as music used in station promo's and commercials or as fillers and voice-overs. The standard of research is incredibly high, and the results always interesting.
Episode 5 of the Tunes Project, which aired on Friday 18th October, 2019, turned its spotlight on the first two years of Radio London. In a new feature, 'Fab' Alan Field explains how Mark Roman's Roman Empire theme was identified and The Roman Emperor himself tells us who chose it.

Meanwhile, the ever-resourceful Hans Knot has identified a filler used on the Dave Dennis Show as 'Cherokee' by The Mitch Murray Clan. It's an instrumental composition by Ray Noble on the b-side of 'Skyliner', from 1966. 'Cherokee' was used that year by Dave Dennis as a filler up to the half hour news. Because Johnny Moran's pre-recorded, sponsored, Elida Show ran too short, 'Cherokee' filled the gap.

Original Knees still in Use

John Bobin writes:
"I'm still using the same knees that enabled me to join The Knees Club in the sixties, when I was a member of The Fingers."

Kneelighted to hear it, John. (That makes two of us, still using our original knees!

John continues:
"I thought you might be interested to hear about my latest band, Da Management. We play fifties, sixties and seventies material and our latest CD, 'Still Managing' has had great feedback. We have had some good radio plays and interviews too.

The band members have all been playing since the early sixties. Members of Da Management, Billy B - Vocals/Harmonica, Chris Stock - Vocals/Guitar, Vic Collins - Vocals/Guitar/Pedal Steel Guitar, Jerry Nathan - Drums and me, John Bobin - Bass Guitar, have played in lots of bands, including The Fingers, Mickey Jupp's band - Legend, The Kursaal Flyers and Hunt Runt Shunt and Cunningham."

Amazingly, not one member of the band is called Ron! We're glad to hear 'Still Managing' is doing well, John. (Click the link to hear some of the tracks)

Herman's now a DJ
Peter Noone, who made numerous Fab Forty appearances with Herman's Hermits, now hosts a radio show on Sirius XM. He told Jeff Tamarkin of Best Classic Bands:

"It's on Saturday afternoons. I do 18 two-minute stories every week, so it's a full-time job. I enjoy doing it, and I get to promote me. I'm not afraid to tell stories that have me in them. So when I play a record by Tommy James, I tell a story about me and Tommy James, and people find it very entertaining."

The Birth of a Radio Station
Jon Myer kindly alerted us to a clip is from the 1983 Swindon Cable programme 'The Birth of a Radio Station'. It was produced by the newly-formed Radio Rentals Swindon production team to tell the story of the start of the first commercial radio station in Swindon and Wiltshire - Wiltshire Radio. You'll spot a familiar face in it, belonging to a certain offshore DJ from Radio 270!

Three Hours of Big L!
Ray Robinson of the Azanorak download site writes:

"The hits just keep on coming!  Here we have over three hours of Big L from Saturday August 20th, 1966 and once again, this is the first time these recordings are being made available online, anywhere.
The fun starts with the end of the sponsored 'Elida Show', presented by Johnny Moran from the Marquee Club in London's Soho. When that show ends a few minutes before 2:30pm, Dave Dennis takes over for the rest of the hour till 3pm. Tony Blackburn reads the news at 2:30, and then presents his own show, sitting in for Ed Stewart, from 3-6pm.  We have the whole of the first hour and some large parts of the second and third hours, with Mark Roman reading the news at 4:30 and 5:30pm. During the last quarter hour from 5:15-5:30pm, Tony presents 'Radio London Brides', a weekly Saturday segment aimed at girls planning their weddings.
This broadcast was just a few weeks after England had won the football World Cup, and it's interesting to hear cricket score updates throughout the afternoon, with the England cricket team apparently also on top form. Times change!
Then to finish off, we have 45 minutes of Tony Windsor sitting in for Kenny Everett, who was at that time touring the USA with the Beatles.  Tony announces that after 'The World Tomorrow' (7:00-7:30pm), Kenny will be giving a report from America to Paul Kaye, but sadly, that was not recorded.
Once again, all these excellent quality audio files come from the same source as others I have posted recently – reel-to-reel tape recordings made on the coast of Belgium, and forwarded to us by Herman from Ghent."

The zip files are password-protected and the password can be obtained by emailing Ray. Go to the Azanorak website and click on ‘Read me first’.

'Fresh and independent' Forts Feature
'Mice Times of Asia' – "fresh and independent views from Singapore and Bangkok" – has posted a feature on the Thames estuary forts. The story has lost a little in translation, but the item contains some nice photos of the Maunsell-designed homes of the 'stations on sticks'.

Pop-a-doodle poptastic Abbey Road pop-up!
Between September 26-29, BBC Radio 2 marked the 50th anniversary of The Beatles' Abbey Road album with 'Radio 2 Beatles', a DAB pop-up station. On Thursday morning, Sept 26, Ken Bruce launched the station in a live broadcast from Abbey Road studios, which was simulcast on Radio 2 and BBC Sounds.

Radio 2 presenters were joined by Gary Barlow, John Bishop, Martin Freeman, Guy Garvey, Dave Grohl, Giles Martin, Cerys Matthews and Paul Merton, while interviewees will include Sir Paul McCartney and Sgt Pepper sleeve designer, Sir Peter Blake. (Thanks to Alan Hardy)

Needless to say, Apple is offering a 50th Anniversary deluxe edition CD of Abbey Road with previously unreleased session recordings and demos. There's also a vinyl picture disc version of the 1969 album.

In a touch of 'Abbey Road mania'...

There is now an 'Abbey Road At Vine' in Los Angeles!

(With thanks to Alan Hardy. More Abbey Road further down this page.)

Pete Brady's new Breakfast Show
Pete Brady, Radio London's original Breakfast Show jock, has returned to the air! Bob Arnold sent the Pirate Radio Hall of Fame an article about Pete joining the internet community station 4 Legs Radio, serving an audience in the Lambourn Valley, Berkshire.

Some of Pete's Breakfast Shows on 4 Legs Radio are available here.

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