Greetings received on the Fifth Birthday of the
Radio London Website – March 25th 2004

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the hardest working, most dedicated, wonderful people who keep the sounds of the 60s and all the pirate radio stations alive in our minds and our hearts. Your Big L site rocks!!!

Best wishes and thanks for everything

Lots of love, Steve and Trish Young

Victoria, BC

From Jonathan at the Pirate Radio Hall of Fame (soon to be celebrating its own 4th birthday)

May I be one of the first to wish you a happy birthday? Congrats on the update. Those photos of the Galaxy are really excellent. Very sad to see the ship in that state.

Happy happy happy birthday. Congratulations on your 5th year!
Take care and warm wishes, John Bennett

Hi Chris & Mary,
I remember when you first started your website and since that time your work and dedication has not wavered. Many others have gone by the wayside in that time but you have both been true to the cause from day one.

You have helped put me and many others in contact with so many people that it has enriched our lives in a very positive way. I, like many others check your site for updates every Sunday and always find out something interesting every week.

I would like to thank you for all the hard word and dedication (without pay) for the past five years.

All the best on your 5th birthday and hope you have many more.

Best Wishes and lots of love to you both, Ben Healy, Alberta

From Knees Club Official 381, Pauline Miller and husband CK, (at the time, sunning their knees in Malta)

Happy Birthknee to 3BC from 1BC*. Can't believe how the site has developed in such a relativeknee short time, so jolly well done to the webmasters and gratitude and thanks for all the info; a true labour of love and it really comes across as such.

We'll do our best to get our knees brown, I certainknee think we have much chance of achieving that in Malta than over here right now.

* 'BC' stand for 'Before Caroline'; Pauline's birthday is March 27th, one day before Caroline's, so she is 1BC, The Radio London website's is March 25th, so we are 3BC.

From: John and Lyn Preston, Down Under

Guys, Happy fifth birthday!! Long may you continue.

Good news, by the way, Birthday Cake is one of the major food groups! So consume some and don't feel guilty!! Have a great celebration!

John and Lyn, Queensland

Happy 5th...joyeux 5ieme anniversaire!

Marc ' Mais Oui' Denis, Montréal, Québec

After viewing you web site weekly for nearly three years, I thought I would like to thank everyone associated with it.
266m was a large part of my teenage years, in fact to improve the Radio London signal, I installed a directional 'net' aerial in the attic space of my parents' house. Although a long story, the bottom line was that I dislodged three of the roof slates. That was the end of the external net AM aerial!

Keep up the good work

Kind Regards, Peter Woodford

Glen Parva. Leicester

Happy Birthday to the website. It's a fantastic achievement and I'm proud to have been a small part of it over the past two and a bit years.

Fab Alan Field

Birthday Gkneetings A very HapPY 5th birthday
and God bless all who sail in you.


PY (Peter Young)

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