Greetings received on the Third Birthday of the
Radio London Website – March 25th 2002

"Funny to think that you've been online with the website
longer than Radio London itself was on the air!"

Congratulations on 3 years of Big L Fabness!

Funny to think that you've been online with the website longer than Radio London itself was on the air.

The fact that there are so many dedicated fans who still fondly remember Big L 35 years on is a tremendous tribute to the station. It's an even greater tribute to the two of you, and all the hard work you put in, that so many of us keep coming back, week after week, to see the site updates.

It's incredible just how many new features and new ideas you come up with, while at the same time unearthing so much new information about the station, the personalities and the music. Brilliant!!

Love, Alan Field

It's hard to believe that the site is already three years old, it seems I've been surfing there forever and a day! Thanks so much for your dedication and all the long hours that you both contribute to making it such a great "home" for all of us briny broadcasters, and for giving us the opportunity to connect with our colleagues from years gone by.

Best wishes for another successful year, Steve Young

Many HapPY returns to the site and all the 'wonderful' work you both do.

Long may you continue to entertain us all. Love, PYxxx

Happy Third Anniversary! I suppose you've realised that the Radio London website has now been 'on the air' longer than the radio station itself!

Congratulations on another year of hard work and producing so much fascinating material week by week. Perhaps you need to add to your 'Frequently Asked Questions' "Why Do We Do This?" (And I know the answer isn't: "It stops us having to do the housework".....)

Well done, as ever, for your enthusiasm, many hours spent and the attention to detail that's given the website the reputation that it has - and deserves.

Alan Hardy

Just to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY, after 3 years on the website!
We, the visitors to it could not do it without YOU!

I was listening to LBC a few Saturdays back when they had someone on who was valueing listeners' records. Somehow the subject got on to the Peddlers and it was obvious that I knew more than they did – well nothing new there of course! In the end I rang up, and passed on the Peddlers' website address and within about two minutes they had accessed it on the air and passed it on to all of London. The thing is, I saw it on your website, so it's thanks to you really!

All the best of knees to you both from Geoff Tyrell

Happy birthknee to the website. Yes, it's three years to the day – that's longer than the original broadcast!

Love, Pauline Miller, Knees Club Official

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