Happy Annkneeversary!

These are the lovely messages Radio London has received. Our knees are blushing prettily!

From young whippersnapper, Alan Beech

Thanks for the update. I've just looked round the site and now I know the origin of the knees thing! I was wondering what it was all about (after all I wasn't even born in August 1967).
Best wishes, Alan

Some people just have to rub it in about being youngsters, don't they?

From David Burke

I've been watching your site for a while - it's great. I was an especially big fan of the original Big L, despite being more often credited with Radio Scotland interests! Great to see the stuff you've put up about Kenny Everett. I have quite a few tapes from his BBC and early Capital days - they sound just as fresh today as they did all those years ago.When I get my new site going, I'd love to include a link to your site if that's OK, and similarly if you could consider doing the same for me much later on that'd be great. It's great to see some good sites about what was REAL radio around on the web!

Many thanks and best wishes!

David Burke, London

From Mary's fellow comedy writer, Terry Corrigan

Hi Mary,

I just checked out your website and the pics. I didn't realise you were so heavily involved in sixties music. Well, what can I say.... I am so impressed! It is so professional. I too spent many a night listening to Caroline. I used to think that the groups and artistes were actually in the studio. I don't know quite why but I prefer sixties music when it sounds tinny, as if to replicate the feel of it when I first heard it on my tranny. There was a great mystery and aura to it and a kind of forbidden allure, as I was invariably listening when I should have been sleeping, much to my parents' chagrin.
Anyway, keep up the good work at Radio London.

Best wishes,


From Chris Dannett

Many Happy Returns!!
Sorry, I've not contacted you lately, but the modem is out at home, and work don't like anyone sending e-mails on their system, unless it's internal. Still one little E-mail will probably not get me into trouble!
So, All the best, and hopefully we will talk soon.

From another of those cheeky young whippersnappers, Steve 'Grocer Jack' Garlick

Dear Mary,
Wow time flies! How amazing that a year has passed and that you're now a one-year-old. It seems like only yesterday that you were dribbling over Chris and shaking your rattle violently whenever you heard the 'Big Lil' jingle!! I remember so well those chubby little knees and thinking that they would go a long way given the chance of a fab website, which I have to say, is more entertaining than ever. I'm looking forward to your rendition of 'On the good ship Galaxy'. You're such a talented little girl!! Keep up the good work.

Love, 'The Grocer'

From a very old friend (actually, he's the same age as us) Alan 'Two Phones' Hardy, a man now being mobbed in Sainsbury's since his photo appeared on the Radio London site

Dear Mary and Chris,
We obviously talk frequently about the site and the news and stories generated and the response you get. But your 1st Anniversary update puts the last year into perspective. You should both be proud with what you have created and achieved. The site looks great and easy to find your way around - many sites aren't as you know.

But it's much more than that. Just think of what's happened over the last year – who you're now in contact with, the information you now have and have been able to pass on to others, who you've been able to put in contact with each other. And, as you rightly say, the way you have presented the information and the professional way that you've gone about contacting people has meant that radio professionals - sometimes 'legends' – have trusted you and entrusted you with personal details and facts about their lives that have hitherto not been revealed. The Radio London site can take its place alongside Keith's 'Pop Went The Pirates' as a current and valuable source of information for those who lovingly remember the pirate era and the sixties.

I know it's taken a lot of your time, but I also know how much you enjoy working on it and what it stands for. Well done!
Love, The Two-Phone-Lines Kid

From the star of our Radio Scotland interview, Ben Healy

Hi Mary & Chris,
Thank you for your wonderful story on Radio Scotland and myself. All of us at Radio Scotland were very proud to be part of the pirate radio movement, the movement that you keep alive with your web site. Your commitment to detail in your reporting and the respect that you have garnered world wide is well deserved.
Thank you once again to you both and may you have many more "Happy Annkneeversaries."
Love from Canada, Ben.

From Lars Holm in Sweden

Hi Mary,

Happy birthday and congratulations on a great new update. I've been busy all afternoon taking part of all the new material.

By the way, when's the next update? :-)

Regards, Lars

From Pauline Miller

Hearty congratulations on the latest watery wireless update, it's looking fantastic now. Not that it wasn't before, of course, I should hastily add, but you know what I mean. I like the creative use of my photos, they look really good on there.
You talk about the site having a 'club' atmosphere. I reckon you got it kneely right: it's a Family atmosphere.

Love, Pauline

PS: You realise your first ankneeversary date is two days before 1BC, which makes it 3BC!!

We must explain here that Pauline's birthday falls on March 27th, which, being one day before Radio Caroline first hit the airwaves in 1964, is 1BC. Therefore, the Radio London site annkneeversary date is 3BC!

From Peter Young

Hello Folks,

I've enjoyed reading your 1st akneeversary update, and would imagine the amount of work put into it has left you wanting a break. I see you put my Chuck Blair bit in. I also enjoyed the History of the Knees Club, rather similar in concept to the 60's retrospective I was thinking of writing. Maybe I'll do an article on the mating habits of the Lesser Spotted Corn Crake instead.

Love, "Ageing Juvenile" Binky Hucker – PY.

From another member of the Young clan – although no relation – Steve

It's hard to believe that another year of "Anorak Adventures" has passed. Through the conduit of websites such as yours I have re-connected with so many former colleagues and listeners with whom I shared those early days of Free Radio in the U.K. I never dreamed that, when I broadcast into the night on Radio Caroline South, I would be part of such a long-lived phenomenon that would carry with it so many memories linked with so many people. Thanks you guys, for taking the time to build and maintain this fantastic site. Keep up the good work, I'll keep surfing in on a regular basis.
Kindest regards
Steve Young
The Curly Headed Kid in the 3rd Row

From the Mystery Webmasters at The Pirate Radio Hall of Fame

Hi Mary,

Congratulations on the anniversary - and, as always, a fascinating update.

Thanks for mentioning our site - we've had a steady stream of surfers heading our way thanks to you. We haven't got listed on any of the search engines yet (as far as we know) but have had about 300 punters accessing The Hall of Fame so far - mainly coming from Martin van de Ven or you.

Thanks for your help, all the best,

The impressive Hall of Fame has already received a major update, and is highly recommended.

It brings a lump to the throat and a tear to the eye to know how much the site is appreciated.
Many thanks for all the messages.

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