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Autographed photo of Frank Sinatra, date and location unknown

Chuck with a mystery girl. She looks similar to Jill, but Craig says it is not his aunt. Norm St John says: "I think this girl was a singer and I recall I had a few nights out with her and Chuck."

An autographed Radio London Christmas card from 1966, when Chuck joined the station. It was a gesture to welcome Chuck's wife 'Mrs Blair' (whose name, of course, was not 'Blair') to the UK. Norm thinks the signatures are genuine. He says, "The Folks in Curzon Street would often have 'Names' sign a lot of cards and these would be used later as they saw fit for all special occasions. Others, however, have their doubts. Mark Roman says his name has been forged and some of the celebrity autographs do not match up to examples found elsewhere on the net. If they are real, this is an extremely valuable Christmas card (we believe 'Bingo Stain' was a member of a rather well-known band) but the signatures would need expert evaluation. (Click on photo to see large version.)

In 1950, Chuck would have been 16


There is nothing written on the back of this photo, which appears to be a shot from a drama production.

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(The most up-to-date information concerning the family history and the various names that the enigmatic DJ used are on our 2011 page.)

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