More 'wonderful' comments we've received about our website!
We're very humbled!

"My brother and I, and all our friends, have always been fans of what was the greatest radio station ever to broadcast to our shores. Big L set the benchmark that has never, even with the help of 21st century modern technology, been reached by today's radio stations. Big L caught "lightning in the wires" and sent it to us. Let's hope that one day it will strike again!" Mark Hutchins, UK

"I was only 12 when Big L closed down, but I remember it as though it were yesterday – a very sad afternoon. I may have been young but I knew we had just lost something more than just a radio station." Chris Bent, Nova Scotia

"As a Yank who's a former broadcaster, I must say your site is truly amazing. The groundbreaking (and wave breaking!) Big L obviously made one Hell of an impression for this kind of love to be on the web, this many years later." Ed Ryba, Hollywood USA

I don't think there's a day goes by without me thinking about Radio London in some way or another. It's inspired me daily. Your site is a wonderful living tribute." Alan Ross, Magic 1170, Stockton on Tees

"Chris, you're a radio person from the top of your hair to the tip of your toes. You and Mary are archivists of the highest order." Sea Poodle (the late Terry Nicholas)

"Just want to add my praise for a great site! The jingle "Wonderful Radio London" still rings in my head today! What pirate radio did for British pop music cannot be overstated!" Patrick Betson, California USA

"Thanks for the best free radio website on the net." Phil Coleman

"What an absolutely first-rate website this is! As an aficionado of '60s/'70s West Indian music, I've trawled through Reggae and Ska sites aplenty but none come up to the standards set by yours." Marc Griffiths, London

"A fantastic site. How can something that was on for such a short period have had such an impact on our lives. Nothing on the radio has come close to Big L and never will. Even after all these years, hearing Big Lil still gives me goosepimples. Keep up the good work." Chris Bartlett, High Wycombe

"This site is why I love the internet - something that would otherwise be forgotten lives on because of you." Steve Atkinson, Wisconsin, USA

"Now, probably the world's oldest teenager, I have just stumbled upon your fabulous site and I have to tell you I am soooooo excited. I shall be visiting more often." Brian Grant

"I really enjoy visiting your site, (the most homely site on the web). Keep up the great work – very much appreciated." Ray Andrews

"[It's] very nice that you do keep Radio London in our minds with your site. I will never forget Big L so long as I live. Good music and good times will never die!!" Bert Bossink

"Yesterday I found your web site. Looking through it brought back so many memories of my youth and the sound of BIG L. You have today got in me a lifetime fan." Lawrence King, Aylesbury