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Offshore Radio Collection

In partnership with Ben Meijering, Radio London is proud to announce the creation of a new YouTube channel, Offshore Radio Collection.

There were three major historic Offshore Radio events that were not open to the public, but hundreds of photos were taken and are available on the net.

Now, we bring you video taken at these very special events!

2002 35th Anniversary Offshore Reunion at Doggett's, London
2007 The Radio Academy's Celebration of Offshore Radio
2017 Offshore 50 – the biggest gathering of offshore personnel to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the stations' enforced closure

More information and links are in What's Happening

Big L Fab 40 on BOOM Radio

Radio London is proud to announce that we are collaborating with BOOM Radio on Sunday, 14th August when the station hosts a special day of programmes to commemorate the 55th Anniversary of the Marine Offences Act. (A full schedule for the day is in What's Happening).

Chart specialist John Peters will be presenting the final Fab 40 as broadcast from Big L on 6th August 1967.

John (left) is heard regularly on BOOM and is a long-term radio anorak and chart expert who participated in Big L '97.

Prepare to hear the Fab 40 on DAB+ throughout the UK, via smart speakers such as Alexa and via the usual internet radio sources.

You can also listen via the BOOM Radio website:
BOOM Radio Player

Site updated 3rd August 2022

You can enjoy the Big L Fab 40 on Oldies Project on Sunday mornings from 1100 and Wednesday evenings from 1800. The Oldies Project Home Page also has the playlists for the two weekly features, 'A Month in the Life' and 'This year in...'
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'What's Happening' news archive
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Tune in for everything you ever wanted to know about Radio London – 'Big L' 1964 - 67; the station, the DJs and the good ship Galaxy!
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The Biggest Sixties Offshore Reunion, Ever!

On 14th August 2017, over 100 offshore radio personnel gathered on a ship on the Thames to mark 50 years since the Marine Offences Act decided that even though they were entertaining a third of the UK population with music, what they were doing had to be made illegal...
Offshore Reunions!
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Aylesbury's Local Hero John Otway
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I want to send my thanks to you both for a really wonderful website. It's been over 10 years of wonderful news of offshore gems. You have both kept the interest of Offshore Radio alive, and it's magical – there is nothing in the whole of this world to beat it. I also believe that Offshore would have died if the website wasn't around with the amount of news items, the hard work behind the scenes and the time that you both put into it. No other site has the same dedication on the same scale as yours.

I hope you will keep the site going for many more years to come and I feel you both should be awarded the MBE for keeping Offshore Radio alive on the site and in our hearts.

Stephen Burnham

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"I could not possibly thank you enough for keeping the blood, sweat and tears fresh and alive. Without you, Radio London would merely be an ever-fading, occasional memory."

Radio London founder, Tom Danaher
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Grey Pierson, son of the late Radio London founder, Don Pierson

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